Spain has just opened a public pet cemetery

Note that this is a public pet cemetery. Private ones are fairly common. Until recently Spain’s reputation for animal rights was poor. They like their hunting in Spain too. Times change. The Iberian lynx has bounced back due to great conservation.

Spain just opened its first public pet cemetery! It officially opened on June 24, 2024, in Malaga city. This new facility is located at Malaga’s Parque Cementerio and offers a variety of services for pet owners who have lost their furry companions.

Rainbow bridge and pet cemetery
Rainbow bridge and pet cemetery. The image is free to use.
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Why did this happen?

The opening of Spain’s first public pet cemetery likely reflects a combination of factors, including:

  • Growing Role of Pets in Society: Many people in Spain, as elsewhere, increasingly view pets as members of the family. This leads to a desire for respectful and dedicated final resting places after their passing.
  • Demand for Options: Previously, pet burial options in Spain were limited to private companies. The public cemetery provides a more accessible and potentially more affordable option for pet owners.
  • Shifting Attitudes: Traditionally, pet burial wasn’t as common in Spain. The new cemetery suggests a growing acceptance and normalization of pet grief and commemorating pets after death.
  • Comment: This development is in line with the general trend worldwide towards regarding companion cats and dogs as members of the family and as such they deserve to be treated in the same way as a human family member on their passing over the Rainbow Bridge.

The high number of pets in Malaga (over half a million) likely fueled the demand for such a facility.

What does it cost to use?

The cost of using the new public pet cemetery in Malaga, Spain depends on the service you choose:

  • Cremation: This ranges from €170 for pets under 30kg to €190 for larger pets [Burying your dog from 250 euros in Malaga’s own pet cemetery will be possible from April].
  • Burial: A 10-year burial plot costs €250, with the option to extend the concession to 20 years (€350) or 30 years (€425). You can also pay for the plot in annual installments of €25 [Burying your dog from 250 euros in Malaga’s own pet cemetery will be possible from April].

It’s important to note that these are just the starting prices for the public pet cemetery in Malaga. There could be additional costs depending on the specific services you choose, such as urns or memorial stones.

Are private pet cemeteries fairly common?

Private pet cemeteries are becoming increasingly common around the world, though their prevalence can vary by region. Here’s a breakdown:

Growing Trend: Private pet cemeteries are definitely a growing trend in many developed countries. People are more likely to view pets as family members and seek dedicated final resting places for them.

Variations by Region: Western Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia tend to have a higher concentration of private pet cemeteries compared to other regions. This might be due to factors like higher pet ownership rates, cultural acceptance of pet grief, and disposable income.

Spain’s Situation: While Spain has traditionally had fewer pet cemeteries, the new public facility in Malaga suggests a shift towards offering more options for pet owners. Private pet cemeteries might become more common in Spain in the coming years.


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  1. They still hang the Galgoes at the end of hunting season or abandon them to starve. And most of Spain still has bull fights. Spain is a Third world country when it comes to animals rights.
    OK Bill that’s .30 cents you owe, three comments today 🙂


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