Spanish cat rescue did all they could to save a desperately thin cat

This is a sweet and sad cat rescue story from Spain. I am very impressed with this rescue organisation. The non-profit cat rescue based in the south of Spain, Happy Pets Rescue, rescued this emaciated female cat from the streets on June 28th 2018. The video and photos are a bit distressing. Happy Pets named her Clover. She weighted 2.6kg when found (5.7 pounds). This is 50% of normal weight. She looks so sweet and gentle. Uncomplaining and accepting.

Happy Pets pulled out all the stops to bring Clover back to reasonable health. I think the objective was not set too high as Clover’s health was unknown. There were a lot of known unknowns.

Clover wanted to eat which was a good sign and she tested negative for FIV and FeLV and her organs were working okay. She was assessed as being 12-14 years of age. She was diagnosed with ‘a thyroid problem’ (probably hyperthyroidism). Hyperthyroidism is caused by cancer.

After initial tests and feeding she left the hospital for a nice foster home with Sheri. She was there for a short time because her health deteriorated. Her condition became critical and her kidneys failed. The vet had to sedate her to fit an esophagostomy tube to feed her. When they ‘opened her up’ (I presume to set the tube) they discovered a tumour in her throat.

The team decided to end her sweet life humanely and they said their goodbyes. She passed over the rainbow bridge. Happy Pets thank all who helped. What a great effort and so much compassion. Clovers last days and hours were filled with love and tenderness surrounded by people who cared. That beautiful caring attitude shines on this story and it sent her on her way. May she rest in peace.

Link to Facebook page of Happy Pets Rescue.

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