Speak out for Edna the Fire Cat: Fire Commission meeting set for February 27 at 5:00 p.m. in San Francisco City Hall

The public will get the chance on February 27 to weigh in on whether Edna the fire cat can return to the Los Angeles Fire Station #49. The Fire Commission allows “general public comment” at the start of each meeting. Wednesday’s meeting will start at 5 p.m. in Room 400 in San Francisco City Hall.

Edna the fire cat
Edna in happier times (Instagram)
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Those in favor of Edna returning to the only home she’s ever known are hopeful she’ll be allowed to come back. Edna’s humans wrote in a message on her Instagram account.

“I hope if you’re able to, please attend this upcoming fire commission meeting Wednesday evening 2/27 to voice your support for my return and to offer Commissioner [Joe Alioto] Veronese suggestions for Station 49.” 

Edna is currently in the care of a member of the station. While she’s adjusted well, that member has other pets at home and everyone is hoping she can return later this week.

An internet firestorm began when the ‘powers that be’ kicked Edna out after an anonymous complaint was filed from within the station.

“This facility is the Department’s Ambulance Deployment Facility. Within this facility is Department Logistics, where medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals used by ambulance staff to provide crucial lifesaving emergency health care are housed.”

According to a report by the SFGATE, Irene Ybarra, the paramedic in charge of EMS logistics at Station 49 until June 2017, told SFGATE she this simply wasn’t possible.

“When I was at Station 49 I developed the medical supply in such a way that Edna was not able to get into the clean room,” Ybarra said. “The items are usually boxed up, and it’s not something [Edna] is usually in the habit of getting on top of. She had her own specific spot, a box with blanket in it. Edna has never been a issue.”

The members of the station were eventually put under a cease and desist order that prevented any discussion on Edna and who may have lodged the formal complaint.

Good luck, Edna. It will be interesting to hear how many turn up to speak in support of Edna returning home.

You can keep up with all things Edna on her Instagram account.

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  1. Sending prayers for Edna to return to her home at Fire Station #49. She has been well loved and taken care of there. I think this is where her heart wants to be. 🙏🙏🙏☮️💜💜🐾🗝️


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