Speaker of the House of Commons adopts a new Maine Coon kitten

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: The speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, is a renowned animal lover, which I think is a great thing. It is of great benefit to the UK that someone so prominent in politics loves animals. The news media often write about him and his animals. This is beneficial to animal welfare in my view. He recently lost his Maine Coon cat Patrick who was crowned Westminster’s top cat. He was Hoyle’s favourite pet (he has many including a parrot). Patrick was a big part of his family and he loved having Patrick with him both at Westminster and in his constituency.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle and his new Maine Coon kitten Attlee touch nose in a friendly greeting

Sir Lindsay Hoyle and his new Maine Coon kitten Attlee touch nose in a friendly greeting. Photo: unattibuted.

It is pleasing to announce that Sir Lindsay has adopted a new Maine Coon. His name is Attlee in honour of the former Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee. Atlee is a 4-month-old brown tabby.

Sir Lindsay said: “Attlee is just the boldest, craziest, life force you can imagine, he races around my office, much to the amusement of my team, and brings a smile to the face of doorkeepers, police officers, cleaners – and everyone who comes into contact with him.”

Remarkably, Attlee is seen walking around the main lobby on the Parliamentary estate which I think is wonderful. And there is a photograph of him in the helmet of a placement who is with Sir Lindsay. It’s a great picture.

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Hoyle, Patrick and police officer

Hoyle, Patrick and police officer. Photo: unattributed.

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