Special Looking Tabby Cat (photo)

This is an interesting looking cat and a good photograph which I have Photoshopped very slightly and added a frame to. It is a rich, dark picture with a hint of the wild. The cat is deeply camouflaged. The face is alert. I believe he is a farm cat.

Picture of a special looking tabby cat
Picture of a special looking tabby cat. Photo by Colby Stopa on Flickr.
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The photographer says:

These are some farm cats that aren’t really fans of my dog being around

He calls the cat a really grumpy cat. I understand where he is coming from I respectfully disagree. This is a special looking tabby cat; looking like a cat should in the presence of another possibly hostile animal. He looks great to me. All cat, all go.

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4 thoughts on “Special Looking Tabby Cat (photo)”

  1. Yea Hes got his Body all fluffed up. Well Most Cats hate Dogs. Everytime any Dog Comes here all my Cats are gone or up in High Places. They are all Afraid of them. Even Small Ones.

    • I love the plumed black tail and dense black portions of the tabby coat. There is a richness to the coat. A handsome cat. A “real cat”. I can see the farm cat in him (I am sure he is male). He even has the white “ocelli” on the ear flaps like a wild cat or wild cat hybrid.


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