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by Michael

Casper - photograph copyright Michael Broad

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Casper – photograph copyright Michael Broad

I’ll be honest with you. When I first saw a Sphynx cat I thought that there probably wasn’t a place for the Sphynx cat breed as a domestic cat. The mutated gene that causes the cat to have no hair put me off for a start.

It cannot be said that this cat looks pretty or beautiful. Think of the Maine Coon Cat – big, handsome, slender yet powerful, solid character and athletic. Hard to beat. The same goes for the Siberian Cat.

The Siberian is a relatively new breed of cat in the UK. The breed has been here about 5 years and has not yet been granted full status by the Governing Body (GCCF) so she cannot win the top prizes that will surely come her way.

I love these natural breeds, un-engineered by mankind; the way it should be, I believe.

But then I went to the National Cat Club Show at Olympia in London today 8th December 2007, and photographed a little skinny Sphynx kitten in his cage and I changed my mind.

This little boy is called Casper and he is 16 weeks of age; just old enough to come to a competition and make a nuisance of himself but in a very charming way.

In the picture heading this page Casper is trying to get the attention of his Mom (the human) because he wants to make the point that it is time for him to get out of this Bl**dy cage and get judged.

This is because he is so confident that he is going to win his merit prize and then go on to better and bigger things.

He spent half the time I was there climbing up and around the cage like a monkey. If you want to see more pictures of him click on the footer of this website and you’ll get there. When you’re at the blogger site click on the “Cat Show” label in the left margin.

He put his extremely soft and gentle paw out to me through the cage bars. His touch was slightly cold. Not a hint of a claw.

His skin felt like soft chamois leather. He was warm to touch. Apparently they are 2 degrees warmer than humans (internal body temperature).

They lose heat more rapidly than other cats (obviously) which may mean that they eat more to compensate.

Above all, his character was great. Not jittery, just calm and normal and under the circumstances of a cat show, excellent bahaviour.

And as for his appearance you can warm to it in no time just like touching his chamois leather skin.

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Sphynx Cat Breed

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Aug 28, 2010New convert
by: Anonymous

I’ve recently “adopted” a Sphynx kitten from a wonderful dedicated breeder. I’ve had other cats before ranging from strays to Siamese. After living with my little guy for almost 1 month, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything every Sphynx owner has said about this breed is true. Highly intelligent (I’m training mine), loving and devoted, warm, inquisitive, courageous, etc. etc. They are a little high maintenance as they require weekly baths, ear cleanings, etc. But, as these activities are common, the Sphynx cat is not really bothered at all. I also developed asthma almost 2 years ago and was heart broken at the prospect of not having another furry friend in my life. After visits to friends with Sphynxs, I took the plunge. I only had a very mild reaction and now I do not react at all. It’s probably due to a combination of not having saliva covered hair around my house and the weekly bathing.

Jul 24, 2010They are great!
by: madeline I think that they are brill and adorable cats. I have a year old male sphynx called audrey and he is such a attention seeker. He goes to bed with me at 10pm and wakes my up at 6am. He’s my littl;e baby for life and i dont know what i’d do without him. I love you Aurdrey. For ever and ever!

Jul 07, 2010Sphynx Cat Information
by: Sphynx Cat You really should be visiting the Sphynx Cat Blog for information on the breed as written by a real owner.

While you are there why not enter our great competition to win a Sphynx Cat Pendant.

May 23, 2010Sphynx Cat
by: Sphynxlair-Sphyn Cat Community Sphynx cats are wonderful creatures! Sphynx Cat Community

Apr 17, 2010love
by: Anonymous I’d love to own one of these. But my Albertan climate isn’t really suited for a naked cat.

Aug 03, 2009The great Sphynx
by: Anonymous Best kitty companion you could ever wish for. They are extremely playful, inquisitive, hungry, and loving. They demand attention. Bathing is a must, usually about once weekly. Wiping out their ears, and trimming the nails is also an essential. Hands down the only breed I would buy from a breeder.

May 21, 2009Sphynx cats are noble, beautiful and sweet
by: Suzy I have three Sphynx, and they are all affectionate, active, cuddly, playful, inquisitive, and beautiful!

The appearance is startling to people who haven’t seen this breed before, which is why the Sphynx is often viewed as ugly, but I disagree! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I know. I have to say that I find many cats now look rather ordinary in comparison, although attending a cat show and studying the various breeds reveals that each breed really has its own particular beauty and characteristics.

While a Sphynx feels hotter than other breeds (as some people think), they are not really higher in temp than others–they just feel that way since they lack fur.

I am of course, partial to the Sphynx breed. I can’t imagine not having one of these wonderful love-bugs in my life!

Mar 11, 2008love’em!
by: marcia I just adopted a shynx cat and I am absolutely taken with them. Ginger Lee is as perfect as a cat can be; well, except that she wants to suck my ear all the time. It gives me the willies! I can’t imagine ever being sorry I took her in when her owner tired of her at only two years of age. In fact, she gave me her brother, two, but a friend took him. She also adores him. I just love’em!

Dec 09, 2007Sphynx Kitten at London’s Nat’l Cat Show
by: Anonymous The Sphynx has to be touched to be believed. They feel like soft butter, warm and love to be held. The owners of this breed say the cats sleep in the bed with them because of body warmth. They are very affectionate and love their humans. Ken says, “Think of it as the homely girl with the great personality.” They are not as visually pleasing to look at as a furred cat but make up for that with their loyalty, attentiveness and uniqueness. They are happy cats, love their human family, travel well in the car and bond to the people they live with.

There is supposed to be a hypoallergenic quality to them, as well, but I’m not an expert in that field.

The Sphynx owners I’ve met, talked to, and photographed their cats – all of them, without exception, wouldn’t trade their Sphynx for any other breed. They have told me that once you live with a Sphynx, you are sold!

I would recommend everyone who reads this about the Sphynx to go to a cat show and ask to hold a Sphynx, just for the experience. You’ve never felt anything like it! They are wonderful cats — and expensive — but remember the adage: “You get what you pay for.”

If you are interested in having this breed in your family, develop a good relationship with the breeder before purchasing a companion. The breeder will help you with all kinds of information to get the most enjoyment out of your Sphynx as well as keeping it healthy, happy and to live a long life.


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