Sphynx Cat GUNNER

Sphynx cat GUNNER

The Sphynx is medium sized and muscular. This cat can also use those muscles in behaving like a monkey sometimes (they can be highly active, intelligent and vocal)! It is certainly not a fine boned, “elegant” or refined cat breed. But it is a nice and interesting breed nonetheless. Why is the Sphynx’s skin always wrinkled? I don’t know but the answer is probably that all cats have wrinkled skin, which we would notice if they were without fur. The head and torso of the Sphynx should have good wrinkling. It is part of the expected appearance of this cat breed. That might encourage breeders to selectively breed for wrinkled skin!

There is some hair on a Sphynx cat but it is downy and limited to the muzzle, feet, back of the ears and tail. The chest should be broad and abdomen well rounded. When I see a Sphynx the first think I notice is the belly! It is not a very elegant shape but a nice practical shape.

This cat has long toes. They act a bit like fingers. They actually look a bit like fingers. When you touch a Sphynx cat you feel the warmth. Is this just because there is no fur? Gloria Stephens (legacy of the cat) says that the body temperature is about 4 degrees (fahrenheit, I presume) higher than normal.

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  1. deb says:

    GUNNER is beautiful i one day would love to have my own sphynx.

    • Michael says:

      They are great cats actually. I didn’t think so until I cuddled up to one at a cat show. They are smarter than the average domestic cat. You’ll need to entertain him.

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