Sphynx cat plays with bubble bath

Sphynx cat plays with bubble bath
Sphynx cat plays with bubble bath
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You won’t see this sort of cat play very often or at all but it looks interesting. It looks as though the cat has just discovered the bubble bath. He is one short step away from jumping in. Some domestic cats actively like water. This cat seems to be one of them. Despite being hairless he has the markings on his skin of being a bicolor cat. The pigmentation in the coat is followed by the pigmentation in the skin so you still get the same pattern without hair.


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1 thought on “Sphynx cat plays with bubble bath”

  1. Sphynx cats need to be bathed frequently. Because our house is so drafty we have cheated and give ours baths with baby/kitten wipes most often. It looks like the naked darling in the picture is actually being given a bubble bath. My girls have played with me blowing kiddie bubbles. It drives them nutty.


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