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Spirituality of Cat Lovers — 13 Comments

  1. Cats can bring peace and calm and often they do I love being with my cats yet sometimes peace and calm is so not what I am experiencing …. like when Jinks chases Alfie up the stairs for the 50th time that day or I’m eating my lunch and 4 pairs of beady eyes are on me (even though they’ve just had theirs) or one of them has been sick just as I’m about to eat or I come in from work and there is cat sick on a highly polished table that nowadays is still highly polished but is about 3 different colours with one area looking like a murky Brown pool. At times like this I feel not so spiritual but I am very forgiving 😉

  2. I totally agree with Dee, Spirituality is different from Religiosity, we don’t have to be Religious to be Spiritual.
    I don’t go to Church as I don’t think of God as a person, I think Nature is God, I see ‘Him’ in animals and birds and flowers and trees etc. In Churches here it’s all see and be seen and chatter and noise. I’d rather sit in a beautiful peaceful place and just ‘be’
    I don’t know how people can call themselves Christians yet not care about animals.
    I think some of our PoC family are indeed ‘Holy’
    by this definition ‘regarded with or worthy of worship or veneration’
    There are some people here who I admire very much 🙂

  3. So many people confuse spirituality with religiosity.
    They are completely different.
    Spirituality denotes a connection with all living things, a sense that no entity is greater than another. It is a sense of wellbeing with one’s self and the surroundings. Hence, a cat caretaker sees the cat as equal but with characteristics that are “only cat” and avoids comparison with themselves or any other creature.
    Religiosity is rigid, with strict rules dictated from men who have interpreted a book (Bible)to be law.

  4. Waaah! great article!

    Michael! don’t you think that you sound a little bit holy now a days? 😉

    well Ganga is my favorite river too and add Jamna with that. <3

    Thank you <3

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