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Spoiling Kitties: The Ultimate Cat Furniture — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks. I’m considering a cat tree even though the last time we had one, neither of them went higher than the ground level. Rao is a senior DSH and Buster is 6-year-old Ragamuffin.I Just don’t see Rao suddenly becoming a climber

  2. It’s beautiful and I agree that it’s the ultimate in cat spoiling.

    Like many of you, I love it but don’t have the room for this. There is an issue you haven’t mentioned. Jackson Galaxy says there are two kinds of cats: tree-dwellers taking after panthers who stalk and sleep in trees) and ground-dwellers (taking after lions. Do all house-cats like to go up high? I’m not sure my cats would go for this. Wouldn’t you just hate to spend the money and energy and room, and then the kitties ignore it? It’s not like you just bought a case of cat food and they turned their little noses up at it and made kitty litter scratches over it.

    Just a thought.


    • Hi Rani, with respect to Jackson, who I admire, I think he is confusing things.

      To answer this question:

      Do all house-cats like to go up high?

      You have to refer to the wild cat species that is the ancestor of the domestic cat, namely the African wild cat also called the Near Eastern wildcat.

      This cat is a ground hunter and dweller but a good climber and likes on occasions to climb trees etc.

      So, the domestic is the same essentially. Providing access to vertical movement and space is important to enrich the cat’s environment.

  3. Absolutely amazing! If I had the room, I would have something like this for our kitties. My husband would LOVE to build it for sure and for certain. 🙂

  4. id love to be able to do for the cats here. esp when we not here. Thats why let my cats go outside and inside. We got a lovely bush area where there lots of trees. Its very quiet.

  5. I remember a story awhile ago where a kitty lover had built an incredible catification area around his entire house.

    He had to move- so left his creation intact for the buyer. I do hope that the person who purchased his house has cats. He bought it – so it only goes to reason that may be the case.

  6. I could have imagined this being the future up on our barn compound in the Mojave, if fortune had smiled on us. VERY nice cat-a-tat. All cats deserve something like this! Great for tree-dwellers and bush-dwellers, as Jackson Galaxy would say.

  7. Great kitty furniture.I would love to do this for my kids. Ours are spoiled with an outside play area that is fenced and has a full roof. they love the logs to scratch on and the places to sleep. It is flanked by a stand of long needle pines so there are birds and critters to watch too. Yup they are spoiled. Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

  8. Me too, DW..

    But there’s one thing that concerns me- how to keep it clean. Can you imagine trying to clean any kitty barf on the top levels? Still it is better than TV, IMHO!!

  9. I love it! What a wonderful adventure playground for cats, climbing to heights, exercising and having fun.
    As close as you could get to cats having the freedom to do these things outdoors.

  10. Thanks for this Jo. I think you are right when you say this quality of cat furniture is spoiling kitty. I would like to see it become normal and in everyday use.

    Very few homes have this sort of gold standard cat environment. It is very difficult to create this in apartments. You need a house and a large conservatory of some sort (a catio). I think this is a luxury catio and I love it too.

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