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St Andrews’ Most Famous Resident: Hamish the Ginger Tabby — 8 Comments

    • Marc, thank you for telling me about this cat. He is gorgeous and he has made a life for himself in St Andrews, the way he wants it to be. Some cats do that. They reject domesticity. And I wonder whether ginger tabby cats do this more than other types of cat because my mother’s ginger tabby, about 40 years ago, did the same thing. He went to live on a golf course, believe it or not, and came back when he was very very old with arthritis.

      • The story of your mother’s cat is quite something. That he came back and all. Pretty interesting. Maybe a bit hard for your mother but then she had him put to sleep didn’t she 🙁

        My ‘guest’ has gone! Yay. And 4 days off for easter to play with the cats!

        I’ll be much more around as usual starting next week. I’m still reservig weekends for Gigi because it’s working so well. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t bother.

        • Great news that you will be free of guests for a while and you can be with your beloved cats more. I can sense the feeling that you have because I would feel the same way. The story of my mother and her ginger cat is interesting as you say because her cat, who she named Tigger, did everything that a confident wondering orange tabby would do. He went out to live his life and then when life got too tough because of old age and illness he came home. At that point in time she should have welcomed him which she did although he was a feral cat by then. But then my mother adopted some new cats. They were Burmese. Consequently the old ginger tabby had to go and she had him euthanised. I think she behaved badly. I know she behaved badly. I cannot help thinking that.

    • He looks tidy and groomed. He looks in good condition for a semi-feral cat. I suppose lots of people spend a bit of time grooming him as well is feeding him. He looks like a typical independent ginger tabby cat.

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