St. George’s cat used up one of his ‘nine lives’ after becoming trapped in barbed wire

A  St. George’s, UK cat used up one of his nine lives after becoming trapped in barbed wire. Thanks to the quick actions of some cat lovers as well as the RSPCA, the cat is recovering at a Telford animal hospital.

cat tangled in barbed wire
cat tangled in barbed wire recovering (
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Tee Louise was the first to spot the poor kitty who had become entangled on barbed wire near Duke Street in St. George’s. The first person Tee ran into when she ran for help thought the moggie may belong to Ange Morris, 35, who owns seven cats.

So Tee, Ange, and Ange’s neighbor hurried back to a cat screaming in agony. The cat didn’t belong to Ange and desperately needed help. Each time the cat tried to free himself, more skin was being ripped. The wire was positioned in such a way the poor kitty couldn’t put his paws down without causing more pain.

Ange described the horrifying sight to News

“It was horrifying to see. I ran up there, gasped and turned back around again because of the sight. Every time the cat twisted, he was screaming. He looked at us as if to say ‘help me’.”

St. George's map

The RSPCA was contacted and quickly came to assist with the rescue. Ange helped their inspector place a basket underneath the cat so he could put his paws on something solid.

The cat was taken by the RSPCA to a nearby veterinary surgery where he’s recovering well after being stapled back together and given pain medication.

“The RSPCA are appealing to find the owner. People in St Georges know the cat, especially around Church Street and School Street. He must have an owner, he looks very well looked after.”

Ange believes more needs to be done about the barbed wire since other animals pass through the area. She says an appeal is being made by the RSPCA for the owner to come forward but if not, several have offered to give the kitty a forever home if he needs one.



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