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St Nicholas of the Cats — 4 Comments

  1. St. Nicholas of the Cats sounds like a peaceful place to for community cats to spend their days. Are the nuns continuing the TNR of these cats? If sixty-three cats were spayed and released sometime after 1996, how many cats were left unspayed? Very few community felines could remain almost twenty-five years later.

    Here is a YouTube video, dated December 31, 2017 posted by a visitor to the area. It looks as if there are quite a number of cats in residence there. I feel sad for these cats.💔💔💔


  2. It cannot be true that cats were brought from Egypt to St Nicholas of the Cats because the cats of Cyprus are genetically identical to the cats of Turkey even to the Ankara Zoo cats. Their genetic identity is East Mediterranean Anatolian, not N African or Egyptian. That is proven in the document sent by UC Davis to Patenstscope to patent the genetic identification method, pages 232-233 column 1 group 1. https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/docservicepdf_pct/id00000019238515

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