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Stanly the Survivor

Stanly the Survivor

by Amanda

Stanly under the stairs

Stanly is my Manx Cat, his mother was a half starved stray, Stanly is born with a part of his spine missing, he couldn't use his back legs as a Kitten.

The vet suggested killing him, but the lady (who's my friend's mother) refused.

Stanly got stronger the older he got, now he can use his legs, but he hops like a Rabbit, but he's a very good hunter and keeps up with the other outdoor Cats well!


Note: "Manx cat" in this instance means a tailless cat not the purebred cat.

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Stanly the Survivor

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Feb 12, 2012
Blind cats are amazing !
by: Anonymous

Spring 1985 we decided to surprise a cat lover friend with the pick of the litter, (a cute yellow tabby kitten) unfortunately Larry had been adopted by a stray cat with 4 kittens.
Decision was made to keep the kitten & she was maned Snuggles, as soon as she was old enough she got vaccinated & spayed. She grew into a gorgeous cat but disliked being left alone, very vocal.
When she was about 12 yrs old a friend noticed something wrong with her eyes, promptly made arrangements with her vet,sadly she was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma in both eyes.
About a year later we took her back to vet & I told him that Snuggles was quite a hunter better than before his comment was "
for being blind, she's not doing too shabby" she passed away under her masters chair, few months of being 20 yrs old.

Nov 14, 2011
"What vets can be, sometimes."
by: Grahame

And some vets are otherwise. My vet is a wonderful and compassionate man. For example, I lost my beloved 17 year old moggie in February, to cancer and hepatic lipidosis. The vet assisted me to care for this cat at home, he placed a feeding tube and taught me how to care for it, gave me several tins of special formula for feeding, charged me half of his accustomed fees, and was sympathetic to my desire to give my dear cat the best end-of-life care I could. Looking back, I realize that we did hospice care at home for this cat. The cat finally died, apparently very peacefully, in his (the cat's) home, surrounded by his familiar things and love. Clearly his interest was not mercenary, and he intuitively understood that I did not want to put the cat down unless it seemed to be in intractible pain.

To have the care, concern, and expert services of such a vet is almost priceless.

This precious cat taught me a good deal about living, and also about dying. I should hope to do as well when my own time comes. And my own personal GP is cast in the same mold. I am a fortunate man in these ways. Life can be, and is, fraught with difficulties, but mutual aid softens the blows. We seem to be well along the path of forgetting this in our harsh societies nowadays.

Nov 14, 2011
Show up the vet
by: Michael

Nice story that shows up vets for what they can be sometimes.

Glad Stanly survived. He has a decent life. Fantastic.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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