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Starving citizens of Caracas, Venezuala hunt street cats and dogs — 10 Comments

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  2. Why do humans have to resort to eating a living breathing sentient being I’m sorry but humans dont need meat to eat,someone in that country needs to till the lands and grow veggies and fruit but thats my opinion.

        • Great comment. Agreed. It is disrespectful of street cats and as you say unecessary. Although when humans are starving there is no knowing what they’ll do.

        • I am not sure if Venezuela has enough land to grow veggies for everyone. There is also logistics of delivering it. Additionally, it’ll take time. You cannot grow enough in pots to feed even a single family. Seriously, Carolyn, John, have you ever experienced real hunger? Have you ever been in a situation in which your child, mother, little sibling cries from literal pain in the stomach because there is no food?

      • There are rain forests there too, you cannot gather enough edible stuff from rain forests. It’s so good of you to eat fruits and vegetables because you can go to a store and buy it. I wonder what you’d say if you didn’t have money to buy anything in a store and you were starving to death. By the way, it’s very difficult for someone who’s never experienced hunger to understand how it feels.

        My parents lived in Russia during the Second World War. They were lucky enough to evacuate from Leningrad before the blockade, but the food was scarce even in villages near Ural mountains they were evacuated too. Oh, and fruit and veggies don’t grow there in winter, and locals didn’t have extra food to feed the newcomers. My father told me that when you hear your little brother to cry from hunger, you are ready to do absolutely anything just to find food. It’s really easy to talk when you just had a good meal.

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