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Statutory law is for humans unless it expressly grants animals the right to use it — 2 Comments

  1. It’s a shame that this case has almost bankrupted David Slater & caused him & his life some considerable harm

    I agree with laws covering other species for their protection, but as usual PETA have ill chosen their tools. Maybe this is an opening salvo in a war for better protection for us all.

    Did the ape know he/she was creating an image? Probably not.

    In a strange ironic twist, the attention this matter has drawn has resulted in better protection for these apes from the authorities and locals (who incidentaly weren’t averse to killing & eating these apes) tourism has increased also.

    In my view the only being exploited in this issue is David Slater who had the misfortune to get in the path of the destructive, money making, animal hating behemoth that is PETA

    An interesting subject none the less. How will laws develop to best protect ALL of our planet when we are so divide d?

    • You either hate or love PETA. I, too, feel sorry for the photographer because he got a great photograph and he has the copyright in it despite it being taken by the monkey. That said, copyright in photographs has virtually been destroyed by the Internet and particularly by the big Internet companies such as Google, Pinterest and Bing (Microsoft). Their image searches publish billions of photographs on their websites daily from where they can be downloaded onto the desktop of a person’s computer. This must be an infringement of copyright by these companies. Pinterest is built upon copyright infringement because most of the photographs on their website are copyright protected and if you ask them they will remove the photograph but who asks them? We’ve given up, we can’t be bothered any more. Copyright is dead.

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