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Stealing Pets UK — 7 Comments

  1. Good! I’m glad those assholes get their ass kicked! Stealing poor innocent animals to butcher them for fucking meat trade? Those I know bastards fucking deserved this! ??

  2. Most owners including myself have a “EMOTIONAL VALUE” and attachment with their pet which is much more than a monetary set value.Hence a thief can even kidnap a mongrel dog or a mowgie cat of a rich emotional pet owner and claim a huge ransom !Below i am attaching a photo of a dog owners love and money spent on the worst handicap case i have witnessed in my lifetime of viewing pets.This dog is a ordinary mongrel and its owner must have spent a fortune on its medical expenses. Its one front leg is amputated and the other is on stilts to heal a fracture. Had taken this photo on Kuta beach in Bali.This is definitely no prized rare breed of dog but has great emotional attachment to its owner.

    • Wow, that is a sad picture in one way but as you say we can’t put a price on the emotional connection. The law doesn’t recognise this at all at present. Although I remember one court case where the judge referred to it in working out damages.

    • Rudolph, I definitely agree that the emotional value of our pets is priceless to many. However, I believe the majority of stolen pet dogs will quickly be sold on to people looking for a “cut price” pedigree.

  3. Although the theft of pedigree dogs may be on the increase in the UK, the majority of cats are not pedigree so they don’t hold the same financial gain for thieves.

    I know it’s been made compulsory for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped and registered by 2016, but I wish the government had extended that ruling to include domestic cats. Vets should then be obliged to scan all new patients brought to them, as this would hopefully minimise the theft by finding aspect. At the moment vets automatically assume that anyone taking an animal to them for treatment is the rightful owner.

  4. You are right Michael, and this is very important that the law enforcement agencies must keep this seriously in their minds and re-act upon it seriously instead of just being a set aside papers. 🙁

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