Stealing vulnerable, living creatures from a charity is despicable

But this exactly what happened when a family of seven entered a cat shelter in Scotland, the Lothian Cat Rescue, on August 24.

The story indicates that they entered the building with the intention of stealing cats.

Latte. Believed to be a Ragdoll type. Photo: SWNS
Latte. Believed to be a Ragdoll type. What the shelter means is that the cat is a long-haired pointed cat with some Siamese genes. A Siamese-mix. Photo: SWNS
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“An incident occurred at our shelter today, which has left us reeling.

A group of seven people came in this afternoon asking to see our cats.

A member of staff dealt with the party and showed them around. We were busy – all other staff and volunteers were showing other people around.

Whilst they were being shown around, two of the party headed back towards our reception, entered our kitten pen and stole two of our kittens.

We know they did this because we have CCTV footage of them doing so.”

That’s the story in the words of a spokesperson for the cat shelter.

Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim. A grey or silver tabby. Photo: SWNS.

Thankfully the security cameras picked up the theft. With good detective work from staff and volunteers, and with the use of social media, they were able to recover the two kittens, Latte and Tiny Tim from the home to where they had been taken.

They are back at the shelter. These kittens had been reserved by families. At the time they were distraught to have heard that their cats had been stolen.

This was a theft. I see that no one has been charged with theft. The police appear to have been involved to a certain extent but this looks like a straight forward case of theft so why haven’t the thieves been charged or at least interviewed?

I’d like to see a bit more information about the thieves. I have left a message on their Facebook page as
I write this and will update the page if I have a response.

It is likely, if not certain, that no one has been charged with attempted theft despite knowing the culprits because in the UK the police do not deal with theft below £200 ($246). They just don’t bother.

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