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Stephen Hawking: No one created the universe and no one directs our fate — 6 Comments

  1. I denounced my catholic faith in my mid 30’s for a few reasons and to start with is my childhood,my sperm donor took relish in beating me with a 2×4 and he forced me to sit on my hands as he hit me on the head and my shins and a couple times he beat me so viciously I was not allowed to go to school which gave him another excuse to beat me because my grades were failing,I had to take 3rd grade over again,today I still have those scars and I have small white circular scars on my bum cheeks due to my step-mum using a custom paddle made with nails in it,there were a few times where they would lock me in my bedroom with nothing more than a bucket for me to pee in and I was denied food during those times and I used to pray to god to please help me but help never came and once my own mum told me I needed to ask god for forgiveness because I took gods name in vain and I yelled at her that god should ask for my forgiveness for allowing me to be brutalized,raped and beaten and I called her a hypocrite because she wasnt a practicing catholic during the week because she only only went to mass on sundays so yeah I do not believe there is a god and one thing I ask all the time since I was a teenager is why do paintings of Adam and Eve portray them having navals when neither was born of a human woman?

  2. The thing is, humans interpret words according to their own agenda.

    The bible (as used across the Church of England) was written at a time when cats were persecuted in numbers not unlike the WW2 holocaust. The word ‘domain’ appears in that bible too.

    Domain, means ‘stewardship’ to take all care of the whole wellbeing of the ‘stewardee’

    It does not mean domination. Similar to the way that the word discipline, does not mean punishment.

    Words matter, their interpretation, even more so.

    I would happily burn all bibles and other oppressive creeds. They are nothing but tools to oppress, stifle or abuse, kill.

    I have never come across a religion that does not mean oppression and misery for other species and especially human females.

    Like ME King, I have never come across any self proclaiming christian who has not turned out to be a thoroughly rotten piece of work behind that fish symbol.

    Organised religion keeps people unquestionably thick and encourages compliance to a corrupt, obscene creed. The ‘message’ of all organised religion is long lost.

    For other species, that so called message of love, never existed.

    Religion is trouble. Nothing but. Dump all of it, everywhere. Be in wonder of life, there is enough in the real world to encourage respect, wonder, reflection. Learn from other species, not exclusively from the words of agenda filled, power crazy, anonymous authors,

    Religion keeps humans selectively blind & cruel.

  3. The christian religion teaches that mankind has dominion over animals. Humans then treat animals the same way their sadistic narcissistic imaginary bunghole in the sky treats them.
    Without fail the worst animal abusers I have ever come across carry a bible and have a fish on their back bumper.

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