Steve Cash creator of successful YouTube channel Talking Kitty Cat takes own life

Steve Cash made clever and entertaining talking cat videos. He had 2.46 million subscribers and his videos regularly achieved over 10 million views each. He must have been making good money. He was successful.

Steve Cash
Steve Cash. Screenshot from one of his videos
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He was a fast talking, very erudite and clever guy. But he shot himself dead. He says he was bipolar. Steve Cash had opened up to friends about mental health problems. His YouTube channel had been inactive for a few months.

He was married to Celia DeCosta who said:

This is so hard. I’m not even sure what to say, or for that matter, what to do. I just lost my best friend, my sidekick, my lover, my mentor, my absolute everything, this morning. I’m so sad to say, my husband, Steve Cash took his own life this morning 4/16/2020. It hurts me to share this. Please understand, give the family time to grieve, but know that Steve is no longer in pain.

The guy was loved and he entertained. So sad to lose a cat man. And a naturally funny man. My condolences to his relatives and those who loved him.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Cash creator of successful YouTube channel Talking Kitty Cat takes own life”

  1. This is the first I heard that Steve is dead, and that he was bipolar. I knew a woman who was and wow is that difficult as well as coincidental with brilliance (creativity, energy, etc.). I talked with him once about Sylvester… and I hope all his cats will be well taken care of. I’m missing Steve already. I really liked his videos. Some of them made me laugh so hard. He was very entertaining and he did love cats. Poor guy… I didn’t know he was that troubled, but I have had times myself when I thought there was no way to go on. Bipolar is very, VERY hard to deal with. He did put his manic side to good use. I hope his videos remain on youtube.


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