Steve Connell’s Brilliant and Inspring Poem About Shelter Cats and Dogs

Steve Connell is a genius, nothing short of it. He performs his own poem “Let’s Go Home” in this video and it is simply brilliant and inspirational. The words are wonderful and the performance is perfection.

…Pointless saying it but I will. The more adoptions from rescue centers the better. They save lives and there are millions of lives to save. It is more rewarding adopting a rescue cat or dog than buying a purebred from a breeder in my opinion. I believe that most people would agree with me. There is a great sense of purpose and doing something good when you adopt a rescue cat or dog. It is the best way to start a relationship between companion animal and person. It helps with bonding.

Steve Connell is an American actor, playwright, spoken word artist and poet. He was born in California. He has had a very strong career in these fields since 2003. He has a Wiki entry.

No more words…just enjoy the video…

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