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Stocky, confident coyote with ginger tabby cat in his mouth — 17 Comments

  1. I hear it so often that people let their cats outside in an unsafe place because the cat wants to go out and has gone out for years. I tell them it only takes one mistake to kill their cat. Whether it’s a car or a wild animal or poisoning, one mistake and the cat is gone forever.

    • Maybe they need a better visual of the death that awaits by coyote: being eaten alive. All my cats stay in except for occasional supervised outdoor excursions, with me and the dog.

  2. BTW that is an excellent example of an urban coyote. Notice how well rounded and well fed he is. This bodyweight maintained year round by easy pickings encourages more breeding.

  3. Coyotes, in fact all predators are opportunistic. A domestic housecat is easy prey. Mine think they vanish behind a sock. Feral cats fair better because they are accustomed to the food chain.
    A steady supply of small easy to prey on pets encourages them to move in.

    • I lost more than half a dozen in my colony to coyotes in 2015-mid 2016. It’s survival of the fittest. Workers reported seeing packs of them at the back of the property. Now the cats have learned to get up high where they’re out of reach.

      • Cats raise outdoors or are feral learn to survive. House kitty left in the garden unattended is fast food. Also consider if you want your beloved house pet subjected to survival of the fittest.

        • Amen! The ones I lost were true ferals. They live on a 100-acre piece of property. There’s no way I’d let any of my cats outside where I live. My daughter has seen coyotes walking through the yard at night.

  4. The coyotes have become epidemic, at least in Georgia. Because they have overrun so many areas, the hunting season is open year round. What is even more disturbing, the area I live in got the coyote population under control. Then DNR brought in mated pairs and now they are out of control.

    Coyotes are not cute and they are nasty, vicious killers. We keep all of our pets inside! Not only do coyotes eat cats, a “lone” coyote will lure an unsuspecting dog away from the house and right into the rest of the pack. Dogs of any size won’t stand a chance against a hungry pack of coyotes.

    • My personal opinion is anyone who thinks coyotes are cute haven’t had to deal with them. They are not endangered and the are a blight in urban and semi rural areas.
      I remember them from rural Indiana where they would kill and maul the farm dog and then go after the livestock. There was one disturbing incident where yote came to my uncles door and snarled at his grandchild through the screendoor.

  5. This absolutely horrifies me. It is extremely disturbing. The epidemic of coyotes in America has become too prolific. Where is the happy medium? I feel sad for all the cats that become prey. As an aside, a good book to read about a feral colony that encountered this problem and their caretaker is “Call of the Cats” by Andrew Bloomfield. This book is a majorly good read,and will really touch your heart. It is available on Amazon and other sites. I hope it is okay to post this book here, Michael.


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