Stolen cat alert: Resident cat stolen from Country Lane Animal Hospital in Clyde, NC

Country Lane Animal Hospital has been serving the Clyde, North Carolina area for 15 years now. They offer a full range of veterinary services, including after hours emergency care for their established clients and small animal as well as ambulatory farm animal internal medicine. Friday morning someone stole their resident cat.

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Their Facebook community page broke the news Friday stating

“Immediate help!!!! A lady just took Mama Cat and left with in her car!!!! A lady, early 30s driving a tan Toyota Corolla she has a young girl with her possibly 6-7 year old. She scooped Mama cat up and put her in her pocket book!!!! Please share and be on the look out!!!! We are out looking as we speak!!!”

They turned to news media to get the word out on Mama Cat asking the person who took her to bring her back and turn her loose in the backyard or call 828-627-9100. No questions asked. Country Lane Animal Hospital just wants their cat back.

Map of North Carolina

The hospital is calling this an accident, but I don’t call putting a cat in a pocketbook an accident. Please share in the Clyde, North Carolina area. Clyde is a small mountain community(population 1223 in the 2010 census) located in Haywood County between Waynesville and Canton so someone likely knows who has her.


3 thoughts on “Stolen cat alert: Resident cat stolen from Country Lane Animal Hospital in Clyde, NC”

  1. I’m confused about the pocketbook. Could they mean something like a shoulder bag? Was this some random stranger who’d never been there before or perhaps a client? Why would someone do this and doesn’t every business have security cams these days? It’s bizarre that a mother would steal an otherwise average cat like that. Mental.

    • I’d think at least a large handbag. If the clinic doesn’t have cameras perhaps a nearby business would. The lady may have thought the cat was homeless and she was doing a good thing.


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