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Stop passing on misinformation about declawing cats! — 4 Comments

  1. I completely agree I don’t think declawing is as bad as some people say it can be. I have had most of my cats declawed and I have never had any of the problems related to the cat being declawed. In fact I only see reasons to declaw. One of my aunts got cat scratch fever from her cat and could have died. Another one of my aunts adopted a cat who was nice at first bu go aggressive and territorial when guests came over. He would chase people, hiss at them, scratch them and bite at them. Some of my cousins are still terrified of and hate cats to this day because of that one cat.

    • Bryan, thank you for commenting but I strongly disagree with what you say. You have completely ignored the moral issues surrounding the declawing of cats. Your comment indicates a strong streak of selfishness. Declawing is the amputation of a part of the toe of a cat and it is done 10 times in one go within about 20 minutes. It is incredibly painful. There are numerous studies and examples of cats suffering lifetime discomfort because of declawing. There are studies indicating issues with using a litter box. There are issues regarding aggression. There are many issues surrounding declawing which are negative to the cat. Declawing is done for the convenience of the cat’s owner. That cannot be justified morally. If you’re worried about a cat’s claws then don’t get a cat. That is the obvious answer. You do not deserve to have a cat. Sorry if that sounds rude but it is truthful. It is people like you who perpetuate declawing which is banned in about 36 countries. It should not exist in America. It is a blot on the veterinary landscape of America and on cat ownership in America. In the UK hit is a crime to declawing cats unless under exceptional circumstances which benefits the cat.

      I suggest that you read up about declawing on this website. There are numerous articles on this website and they are all based on hard facts.

  2. Jenny, I commend you for adopting your cat. However, since the 1900’s we have acquired a lot of information that wasn’t available back then. Right now, the CDC, US Public Heath Service and NIH, as well as many other infectious disease experts, do not recommend declawing for immunocompromised people because it makes cats more likely to bite. Cat bites are more dangerous than scratches because bites are usually deeper than scratches. Cat saliva also has a lot of harmful bacteria in it. There are now common sense principles out there for you to use to protect yourself. Even though those principles might be made for one type of immunocompromised person such as HIV, people with other problems such as Psorisis or cat allergies can find them just as effective.
    I can’t really blame you for not being more informed about this back then. My parents and grandparents both declawed their cats in the 90’s, believing that it would protect them and their furniture. My parent’s cat had to be PTS because he became a biter, which I now realize was probably because of arthritis due to declawing. My grandparents’ cat was also nervous because of declawing and I am thankful that I was the only one who got a “love bite” from her instead of my aunt or grandparents and that she used the litter box faithfully. Our current cat is not declawed and although he is nervous, he does not scratch us or the furniture.
    Just as declawing can cause worse problems than it solves, cat claws and your well being are not mutually exclusive things. Use soft claws, and the new common sense guidelines and you might be pleasantly surprised at how great claw intact cats can be.

    • Every cat I have had I have had declawed and none of them every developed problems because of the procedure and none of them ever bit me, though some may have nipped me but none of those nips ever broke the skin. Though some complications may occur I think they are rare and people like to claim these problems are the norm to attempt to prove that declawing is pointless and immoral.

      I sometimes ask myself this would I rather have 10 mil live (declawed) happy cats that found homes or 10 mil dead cats that couldn’t find a home. If a cat can find a home because it was declawed then that is better than it never finding one at all.

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