STOP the killing and violence against pets by LAW ENFORCEMENT and AC Officers

This is a petition on the Causes website. The link is at the base of the page. Elisa has written a lot on this subject on the Examiner website. Between cats and dogs, dogs are far more frequently killed by cops based on what I read but cats get a fair share of cop brutality directed at them.

Police kill dog
Police kill dog. This is a well known example.
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I believe there is a groundswell of public opinion on this subject. I gauge this from the fact that Elisa writes a lot about it and therefore it has a popular following and there are over 100 comments on the Causes webpage. A lot of people see something wrong in the behavior of American police officers in relation to pets which happen to be roaming around unsupervised. I guess there are more laws nowadays against free-roaming pets and we all agree that dogs need to supervised and controlled properly in the interests of society but the police can deal with these situations in a more educated and humane way than simply killing the animal. It is a brutal, insensitive and unthinking way to deal with dogs that are seen as a health risk.

In fact, I’d suggest that the ‘police problem’ in the USA (if we agree there is one) is wider than that. This hostile, overly defensive attitude by police officers in manifest in their interaction with the public generally, and dare I say it, black people in particular. I am referring to the recent killings of black men by white cops.

The petitioner writes that far too many beloved pets are being killed or injured by police and animal control officers. The killings are often unnecessary. These companion animals could be subdued or restrained instead. It requires education and proper training.

There may be a problem with the hiring of police and animal control officers. Are they of the correct caliber? Are they being testing psychologically? It is imperative that police officers have the correct mentality to serve society not to express any hidden desire to harm and express anger or to master society.

The starting point in dealing with animals supposedly out of control and presenting a threat to the health and welfare of society is to use non-violent methods. There must be many alternatives to killing. Killing a pet is the last resort not the first and automatic step, which appears to be what’s happening.

There appears to be something wrong in head of too many police officers. Perhaps, as well, there is a culture within the police forces of ‘them and us’. The police feel at siege against the public. It is almost war between the police and public. Are police officers sufficiently animal orientated? Do they prefer dogs to cats? Are they playing a macho violent game with dogs that pose a threat? See articles tagged with ‘police’. Some examples of police killing cats.

Here is a selection of comments from the Causes page:

“The U.S. police are getting a terrible name worldwide. Very difficult to understand why the police there are so trigger happy, when in other countries this doesn’t seem to happen. My guess is that there needs to be more screening of applicants. It seems likely to me, that some people attracted to this career are really attracted by being able to have the power of thuggery.” (Lue Ball)

They are uneducated, rough, bloody idiots…(Monique La Marca)

Some even believe there is a conspiracy against the people by the authorities:

“They are doing this on purpose in the US, they want us to go into a frenzy. The people “at the top” are the bottom of the food chain psychologically and are attacking life to get us in masses so they can start attacking us…BTW, my dog is a Pit Mix and a very submissive gently kissy boy. He likes to snuggle and love and HE was targeted. Pits are being maligned as are scientists as is climate change, as are activists protecting animals.” (Chris Change)

“I had a neighbor who was involved in some illegal activities and when the police came in they had shot his beloved dog only because that when they busted in the dog was only

doing his part as to protecting the house and they couldn’t tranquilize him but they had to shoot him 4 times !!!!!!!” (Dana Faught)

Is this correct?

“If you kill a police dog your charged with murdering a police officer how are they different from a families dog…” (John Fitzpatrick)

Is it cowardly to shoot a dog rather than take the more difficult but more sensible and humane route?

“Who wants cowards for public officials?” (Al Lapa)

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6 thoughts on “STOP the killing and violence against pets by LAW ENFORCEMENT and AC Officers”

  1. They want to make photographing/recording a crime? Likely because; They can then come out and lie about what types of things they do. And get away with!!!! Even when they are caught on camera doing it! (That’s pure B***S***). Anyone else would be going to jail! But these low life f*c*e*s seem to always get away with stuff. No matter what it is they do!!!! Don’t get me wrong..I have a great deal of respect for law enforcement officers. BUT …. people like this. THEY SHOULD NOT BE EXEMPT FROM THE LAW. And they should not be allowed to BREAK IT!!! They certainly DON’T DESERVE to be in uniform. I know I would NOT want their type supposedly protecting me or my property.

  2. I read recently that an American can be assassinated without being charged with a crime. That must cover animal killing, too.

    I’m glad that there’s more awareness and outrage about so many criminal behaviors by those in authority over us. It’s as if the “real” criminals are in charge. And now they want to make photographing these things a crime. A frightening reality of our times. I don’t feel hopeful that things will get better….

  3. You think them shooting those poor dogs is bad enough. But they also shoot cats & kittens (the kittens right in front of children). But .. that’s not all the stuff they do. Things I can think of (assaulting a guy in a wheel chair who by accident rolled over the officer’s foot, tazering an elderly lady, knocking a pregnant woman to the ground … among other things). And nothing ever seems to happen to them …they get paid leave is about it.

    • They do shoot kittens. Madness. And what gets me is that – as you say – nothing every happens. It is the same in the UK. It proves that democracy does not truly exist in the US or the UK.

  4. American police seems to be completely out of control with no consequences at all.From where I’m sitting America has become an insult to human and animal rights and is fast becoming a police state


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