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  1. I am no longer with stopcrush.org so could ye please remove all posters I created for stopcrush.

    Respectfully,Irish Cornaire

    • Hi thanks for your comment. I’ll be honest, I don’t to remove the poster. I’ll tell you why.

      First, it will leave a hole in the page.

      Secondly, when you uploaded it years ago you did so under the terms and conditions at that time which specified that you gave the website full irrevocable license to use the image.

      In other words you can’t demand that it be removed. You will have to rely on me agreeing to remove it. I don’t want to remove it.

      Sorry it that sounds too tough. Life is tough.

      Anyway, just because you have left the organisation does not mean that your excellent artwork should not be enjoyed by visitors to PoC and help to stop crush videos. It should stay.

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