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Stormy has lived in a general store in Alaska since 2012. A complaint just got him evicted. — 28 Comments

  1. FYI ye nob I was a vet tech whilst living there now run along and go troll else where because I’m done with this thread,slainte.

    • A vet TECH??? GASP! Should I kneel? Forgive me–I didn’t realize yer ‘animal education’ was a whole four units long (or less)!

      Lannatullahi alayka alf mura’at, ya sharmoota…

      • Too bad that you don’t realize which people you should really be banning. Your not banning Deborah “Irish” Cornaire over 7 years ago when she first started her torture-animals-for-money scams … remember her free vacation in California obtained under false “help cats” donation requests, to name just one of dozens of scams of hers from exploiting suffering animals … not banning her long ago has done more to destroy PoC and yourself than any other act or non-act of yours. Look around you. Things like Irish are your last closest friend, a KNOWN and PROVED animal torturing scam artist. You ARE the company you keep. LOL

        • Well, I disagree with you on so many levels. You have made an extreme statement about her. It had better be correct otherwise it is defamatory. It is complete nonsense to say that her comments have ‘destroyed PoC’. The site is alive and well. It is almost 12 years old. Most sites are dead after 4 years.

          I don’t keep company with people who comment. I hardly know them. I know them as online associates or acquaintances. Elisa I know quite well and as a friend. There are others but by and large most are acquaintances.

          Most visitors don’t read comments. So please get real. The people I ban are trolls who hate me and cats. They have the habit of insulting me and others and therefore I have to ban them. Irish never does this.

          • If ONLY you knew “Elisa” like you claim…..

            This comment contravenes comment rules and has been deleted. You cannot insult people on this site. Do it somewhere else. And don’t insult me either. Stay away. – Admin.

            • What’s really pathetic is that “Irish Cornaire” is so lacking in self-esteem she has to misappropriate an ‘online identity’ and fake ‘ancestry’ by typing with an accent(!)–and a stereotyped one, at that. And she’s too self-absorbed and stupid to realize how phony she comes off to nearly everyone else thereby.

            • So telling the truth about someone is ‘insulting’? How so? Do you argue that poster ‘d.Smythe’ lied about Irish Cornaire in any way? If so, please provide specific examples from his post wherein he did so. I copied it, so I compare it to whatever you post.

              Your apparent attempts to distance yourself from Irish Cornaire–referring to her as an ‘aquaintance’ rather than a ‘friend’ suggests you know quite well that Smythe’s descriptions of her miserable behavior were accurate.

              This brings us back to how does telling the TRUTH about someone constitute ‘insulting’ them? Care to explain?

              • You are a very arrogant, unpleasant person and you hate cats. You have no place on this site. Stay away. I have banned you.

                • The arrogance is yours, Sir. You cling to double-standards to ‘justify’ your obvious bias, while hypocritically accusing others of bias. Sorry, your opponents back up their arguments with facts. You predicate yours on hubris and sanctimoneousness, seasoned with the occasional tantrum/emotional meltdown.

                  IIRC it was No’am Chompski who pointed out that hypocrisy is best defined as holding others to a higher standard of conduct is expected of oneself. This describes you perfectly.

                  Now, I’ll make a prediction: you lack both the courage and the integrity to even post this, let alone attempt to refute it. Try to prove me wrong–I dare you.

                  • The comment rules for you (a troll) are that you have to disclose your real name and supply a photo of yourself. You have done neither. Therefore you can no longer comment. Go away and stay away. You’re an unpleasant, arrogant bully.

                    • And yet my calling you out…(remainder deleted as rude – Admin)

                      BTW, my name is Apoplon Verreaux. Photo link below was taken late last year in Brisbane, Australia.

                      Now that I’ve…(remainder removed as rude – Admin)


                    • That: IMG_20181003_074443.jpg – is no use to me whatsoever. You need to provide a full URL (link) or upload the photo to a comment. Secondly your name Aplopon Verreaux has all the signs of being fake. It really does. A Google search produces nothing. That’s highly unlikely. So you fail the comments policy again. And it proves that you need to hide your true identity. Feeble.

  2. I am happy that Stormy currently has a home with the store owner’s sister. But only an arse would do something so mean. I really believe that sanitation and food safety “rules” go overboard in relation to situations concerning shop cats. Through the ages felines have been a part of all kinds of establishments. They were highly regarded as good luck too, and well loved. Maybe Stormy will be more comfortable in a home, but I am sure he will miss his regal position, and all of the attention that he was granted as a beloved shop cat. 😠😢💜💜🐾

  3. People have nothing better to do than fucking bitch about kids in the damn store!! I hope the person who complained dies!!

    • Only a mindless, emotionally-driven nitwit would wish DEATH on someone for reporting a violation of the law. I find it reassuring that at least in my home state of Alaska the inmates are not running the asylum. They would be if you had your way.

  4. This is utter bollocks,the person who made the complaint I hope will be outted because they need to be publicly named and shamed.

    • It’s not bollocks. Presence of cats in food processing, handling and serving areas is prohibited by Alaska state law. The Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation Officer was doing his job.

      Just because people like you prefer to live covered in cat hair and feces doesn’t mean everyone does, and those who don’t want to shouldn’t have to.

      • I know all about Alaskan laws regarding pets/animals Jim,I lived in Metlakatla for 12 yrs and then 2 in Anchorage where I worked @ Alaska Pet Care and for ye to assume I like living in cat hair and feces is a ignorant comment,get bent ye nob.

        • Same to ya, ye daft bint. Difference is I worked as a fisheries biologist. You were–what? A dog-walker? Pet groomer? “Cat whisperer”?

          And now you’ve sunk to exploiting abandoned animal misery so you can affored a pair of dentures?

          Stop wasting my time–no one takes you seriously.

        • I inspected the salmon roe plant on Metlakatla Is. every summer for 14 years. Sorry to hear that those folks were burdened by you. Did you beg money from them as well?

          • My son (Cory Atkinson) still lives in Metlakatla and I will ask him if he has heard of ye and my other son (Niall Atkinson) lives in Anchorage and will ask him the same,ye stepped over the line Jim with that statement,something in ye brain is twisted and not normal,why the hell would I beg money from a tribe that my children are of,ye are a pathetic disturbed wašíču and I only replied to this comment from ye because of my boyo’s.

            • Riiiiiiight. Your such a wonderful ‘parent’. Don’t you have a daughter that wants nothing to do with you? If so, easy to see why.

              Cultural misappropriation being one of your many emotional absurdities.

              PS: make it easy fer ya. Mr. Freeman was the manager at the plant while I was inspecting it. Khalas (that’s Arabic for StFU).

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