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Straight women regard men holding cats as less attractive in dating apps — 8 Comments

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  2. Yes, this says more unfortunate truth about most women than anything. Those women are attracted to warrior-like brutes to feel secure, then end up complaining about them being nothing more. It never makes sense but it’s human nature, and I guess it’s why I have been single for a long time. I always am up front that I like cats and care about all animals, which apparently puts women off instead of sends the message that I’m a decent, caring human being. It’s difficult to run across an available woman who is enlightened in this respect, but it really is their loss. I was with a woman who didn’t even care about her own cat, which spoke volumes about her entire personality. I wouldn’t even give a woman like that the time of day now.

  3. Remember, researchers have to come up with something to study or they won’t have jobs. I, for one, in no way find men that love
    Cats unattractive or less masculine. It’s the ones that are afraid to explore how special bonds can enhance their own existence that are less appealing.

    • Excellent response and I agree. I often say something to the same extent: like my appreciation of cats exercises my ability to love in a more real sense than by contrast with dogs. Do women really want to be treated like a dog? Now I have to come up with a better one than yours’, but I’m not afraid to explore that… oh wait, I just did.

  4. This angers me greatly, although I’m sure it is accurate.

    Of cat haters, most are men. I believe those men are insecure and cannot bear the independence cats represent when it comes to their relationships with women. They want dependent women, like dogs are. I LOVE dogs, but cats are definitely more independent. Some men cannot handle that.
    As for the study about the dating preferences, I just don’t get it.

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