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Strange case of 17 cats left on the side of a California road who were arranged in crates by color or breed — 7 Comments

  1. Oh please they probably didnt have enough money to take all of them to the vet!!! Not all people are fortunate there are alot of people with mental disabilities and our government gives them barely enough to get by

  2. This was certainly not the right thing to do!
    The other part is the fact that these cats were NOT well taken care of..makes me more than angry..NO EXCUSE😡

  3. This is sad. I only hope that they were left shortly before opening and not left too long. Of xcourse this person should have done this a better way. But, perhaps they don’t have the wherewithal/stamina and got themselves in over their heads. Ultimately they are to blame, but the narrator is right ….at least they were left where they can be taken care of.

  4. Would it occur to anybody visiting this website to dump their cats at the roadside? I don’t think there is anybody. There are always better ways than that. That is about as bad as it can get in terms of surrendering your cat. I myself find it completely impossible and incomprehensible. That is not to say I am some super cat owner with all the answers. I am not. I just think we owe it to our cat companions to do better than this. The fact that the cats were in poor health indicates a sloppy approach to cat ownership which ended in a sloppy way.

    • My soulmate kitty Amby passed last Sept 9th, due to a medical mistake. I dont blame my vet of 30 yrs, it was a fluke. I cried all day for 2 weeks, then a few times a day for about a month. I still have days that are bad, even with the kitty I rescued, in January, being here. I cannot even IMAGINE giving a cat of mine away. If God would have said to me on Sept 9th, I will let you keep this cat, the love of your life, but you must give me your right hand instead, I would have done it. I miss him that much, EVERY day. Hearing about and reading this stuff that people do, makes me angry enough that I have to be careful I dont end up in jail.

      • I know exactly how you feel. For it is incomprehensible what these people do. They are alien beings to me. I feel that there are too many people who have cat who should not have cats.

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