Strange picture of many cats facing camera in back of U-Haul truck

Many cats in truck looking at camera. There were 43 cats inside this U-Haul truck.
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The tweet is self-explanatory. Was a cat hoarder moving her/his entire hoard of 43 cats to a new home and hired a U-Haul truck to do it or was this an old truck which a hoarder had bought to house her/his cats. The truck looks in decent condition so I’d go for the former but whatever happened it appears that all the cats were abandoned. The temperature was 19 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

It does present a problem: a cat hoarder wants to move home. What do you do? Rent a U-Haul truck.

The cats were rescued but the hard part is finding them temporary homes until adopted and meeting all their needs as a lot are pregnant and some had hernias. Where is the owner? Were the cats abandoned? Muncie Animal Care is asking for help: 765-747-4851.

Source: ABC Action News Tampa Bay.

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