Strange, sad picture of dumped cats in large plastic container

17 cats dumped at roadside D

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This strange, sad picture of many cats in a large, semi-transparent storage container brings home the callous cruelty of dumping domestic cats on the roadside. It happens in various ways.

It might be a cardboard box or a several cat carriers. Sometimes the ‘dumper’ stuffs several cats into a small carrier and leaves the container outside a shelter all night.

On this occasion the image – a screenshot from the video below – struck me as having impact. The large number of cats crammed into a storage container. The expression on the cat’s face. It speaks to me about unwanted cat dumping in the hope that someone will find the cats and take them to a rescue center. In all, seventeen cats were in this container and the carrier.

As a carrier can’t hold more than about three cats I’ll presume that the plastic container held the remaining 14 cats. Imagine that! And all left on the roadside with the lid on. Apparently there were no air holes.

In the photograph the lid is placed on the container and not fixed to allow air to enter. I know it will strike most people as very strange that a person can do this. No doubt, their behavior is a reflection their attitude towards cat caretaking: careless at best, callous and cruel at worst.

As the woman said in the video: why can’t they have the guts to face up to what they’ve done and bring the cats to the shelter? It would be good for the cat dumper’s self-esteem to do that. But they hide their identity. These are the anonymous people who collect cats and throw them away.

Video explaining the story

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4 thoughts on “Strange, sad picture of dumped cats in large plastic container”

  1. Unfortunately not all shelters will allow people to surrender their pets without a fee and in my town our SPCA requires a $50 fee to surrender and all this does is make people who have no $ and alot of cats to be dumped just like these poor moggies.

  2. No matter how all this evolved, I am happy that these 17 cats were fortunate enough to be rescued. I pray that every single one finds a healthy, loving forever home.😠😱💜💜

  3. If a shelter charges for surrender, people will leave the animals on the side of a road or toss in the woods.

    Oddly enough, the human that abandoned these cats did right to secure them in a container. I think a lack of understanding of science prevented the creation of air vents. It was fortunate that they were discovered.

    As a side note, I often wonder if the background story is true. Were the cats discovered like this or was this an easy and dishonest way of surrendering the cats without fees?


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