Strange Stocky Cat Almost As Big As The Child Carrying Him

This is an interesting photograph on Facebook of an adorable, large grey domestic cat with a slightly strange appearance being held by an equally adorable child with a funny caption.

Of course, what interests me is what sort of domestic cat is this? To me the cat looks like a Russian bred British Shorthair. They do breed the British Shorthairs in a rather extreme way in my opinion. They give them very jowly faces i.e. with large cheeks and they are very stocky.

Strange looking adorable grey cat
The photo was on Facebook. It is interesting and amusing in equal measure.
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Of course there is always the possibility that the cat has been photoshopped. I don’t see it because the cat is not so extreme as to be unreal. His shape is possible. A minor point: the child is holding the cat incorrectly. The cat tolerates it πŸ™‚ Nice temperament.

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2 thoughts on “Strange Stocky Cat Almost As Big As The Child Carrying Him”

  1. Could it be the low angle that the shot was taken from as distorted the perspective slightly?

    It sure is a massive & sweet pusscat.

    • Slightly but this is an unusual looking cat. Never seen one like him/her. These sorts of cats pop up from time to time.


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