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Stray and Feral Cat Illnesses — 10 Comments

  1. Hi I care for a community of cats but I’m a bit concerned because when I least suspect it, some may get I’ll and I afterwards I don’t see them again. They make it through the harsh winter but sometimes get sick around spring or summer. They become lethargic, loose weight and disappear for days before I’ll see them again. When I do see them is when I realize that they’re sick and that’s why the haven’t been around. Sometimes the sickness is associated with drolling or wet eyes, almost as if their eyes are sensitive to light. I really want to help them.

  2. Taking care of a feral cat for 16 years all of a sudden one day had difficulty breathing and crying next day when I went to feed her she was dead

  3. I have a stray/feral cat that I’ve been caring for for just under a year. We built an insulated, waterproof full of straw house for him for the winter. He made it through the winter but recently he showed up limping & a few days later I found him vomiting. He since has completely holed up in his house for the last 12 days. I check on him a few times a day giving food and water which he takes while hissing at me. He just started to roam out for little bits. Near as I can tell he’s not limping or vomiting anymore. Could he have been sick with something this long and is simply taking this time to heal? I’m so concerned about him.

    • Hi Jodi. The limp would probably have healed sufficiently naturally if it was not that serious. Cats are good vomiters as we know. He probably ate some rotten food, vomited it up and is on the mend. I suspect the reason why he was holed up for 12 days was for the leg injury to heal. He would have stopped vomiting earlier. All this is on the basis he has no serious underlying illness such as FIP or distemper which cause vomiting and that he has stopped vomiting. That is my guess but it is a guess. It would be nice to have him checked out but he seems to be quite feral and unapproachable. Good luck and well done in looking after him. You have a heart.


  4. There are a lot of unsung heroes in the free roaming cat communities. A lot of organizations exist that will trap, neuter, vaccinate the cats, and return them to their territory at no cost to you. Please search the internet by using the term: TNR (Trap Neuter Return) and your zip code.

  5. I have a question instead of a comment. I have some wild cats in my backyard. I feed them as well everyday . one of the kittens seems ill . for the last few days I have noticed him lethargic ,tired not eating. Today when it was feeding time I seen it just laying there. when i got close I expected it to run , and it just layed, couldnt move . they have not been neutered . I’m a single mom on a very tight budget. so I cant afford getting them fixed. any one can give me suggestions on what I could do. thanks

    • These are feral cats it seems to me and the cat you describe is almost certainly dying of some illness such as FIP. If it is hot the cat may be dehydrated. Dehydration can kill cats. Do you provide water and shade? This may help if it is hot where you are. But feral cats live short lives 3-5 years. It is very tough for a feral cat. All you can do is provide good food and water and protection from the weather. But beware because if you are in a residential area other people might not like it. A lot of people dislike stray and feral cats and poison them and complain to Animal Control. Good luck.

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