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  1. I have 3 lovely rescues: Tequila Summer, Spooky and Honey Bunny, the Hairball From Hell.

    Here’s a little poem for you:

    By Jean Bush

    Starving little beggar cat,
    So thin and full of woe,
    Sitting with your tail wrapped feet
    Not flinching from your blows.

    You sit there so patiently
    Waiting for some food,
    At last I sigh and just give in
    So you won’t think I’m rude.

    Do not assume you’ve gotten me
    As I pat your scrawny head,
    Do not think you’re gonna sleep
    With your fleas upon my bed.

    Your belly’s full, your ears were scratched
    Yet somehow I think you know,
    The door is cracked… you stop…look back
    Then on your way you go.

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