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Stray Cat Poem

The cat in the picture is a cat that one of my friends rescued. She was found in a ditch in a trash can. Well, they gave her a good home. Here is a nice stray cat poem I wrote to go along with it.

Fore When I grow old
I shall become a stray
To live the mournful life,
As a cast-a-way.

Abandoned like all the rest
buried like past in the sand
I will surely remember the past
As I leave paw prints in the land.

Shipwrecked away far from my home
I meow, with a fellow purr at the door
they now have a kitten all cuddly and warm
A younger cat, for them to adore.

We grow old and dusty
Thrown away like trash
Why do I still ponder…
I figure I might as well crash.

I still wander this land
One day soon to depart —
I leave paw prints in the sand
Perhaps… for another human to take heart.

Stray Cat Poem to Feral Cats

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Stray Cat Poem

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Jan 10, 2012What Breed?
by: Anonymous That cat is beautiful

Dec 06, 2010For Eddie
by: Dorothy You are a sweet man Eddie. Your little ‘successor’ is a lucky kitty. Best wishes for a long life together.Dorothy

Dec 06, 2010My old cat has died and I have her successor
by: Eddie August a kitten that was found tangled under the hood of a pickup truck was given to me. It had traveled over 50 miles under the hood of the truck. She is a miracle. She was perfect in every way. Nobody ever claimed her but I know she belonged to somebody at one time because she had no fleas. My old cat of 13 years started to become ill the next day. She lasted three more months. The horrible heartache I feel, every day sense she died, is always softened just a bit by her little successor. It always seems to work out that way. When I find a little victum to rescue, my oldest cat at the time soon passes away. I think the new little kittens have always been directed by God to find me, just a little before my old friends die. I will always miss my fallen old friends, but I know my new little kittens come my way for a reason. Still, my heart aches for cats that have left me recently as well as long ago.

Dec 30, 2009great poem
by: kathy I love your poem. I am a rescuer of a feral cat. I beleive my old cat Midnights spirit is in her. She looks exactly like her and now that Ive lived with her since August Im convinced that she has my old cats spirit in her. God works in mysterious ways.

Dec 23, 2009Well Said Rudolph
by: Michael In Britain we killed off all the large wild animals hundreds, indeed thousands of years ago. We were the first to treat animals poorly.There are still endless examples of cat cruelty in England and the UK.A common way is to shoot cats with air guns or to poison them with antifreeze. Terrible cruelty.You are correct of course. That said we do have legislation that protects animals and it is enforced to a degree.

Dec 22, 2009Love the Poem
by: Mary H Beautiful but tragic words… so often this happens in life :/ What a stunningly beautiful cat this girl is! It was a lucky day for her and for her new owners, that she was found again.

Dec 22, 2009Stray Cat Poem
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado Excellent poem on the tragedies that befall some pets. I come from the land of Mahatma.Gandhi and his World famous quote quote mentioned by Gail from Boston, quote, “You can judge a Nation and its morals by the way its animals are treated” is rarely practised in Gandhi’s own Country, India.Although “Pet awareness” and upkeep of pets is a fashionable trend in Urban India, the strays are treated with least public sympathy and in some villages excess kittens are drowned to avoid them being a nuisance.At present India is one of the World’s fastest growing economies and similarly hope that “ANIMAL WELFARE” awareness spreads to the common masses of Indians and not only the wealthy of upwardly mobile middle-class indian.I have stressed on Mahatma.M.Gandhi’s words to simply prove the fact that a “People” or “Nations” can’t be categorized on a common logic or “STEREOTYPE IMAGE”. Some of the worst “ANIMAL ATROCITIES” are in “First World Developed Country’s” like the U.S.A as this stray abandoned cat confirms while some of the best animal lovers could be from the “Slums of Mumbai”, famous for their pet mongrel roadside pet dogs.Mahatma.Gandhi’s saying is definitely a fact but difficult to “Stereotype” akin to the pet proverb, quote, “Show me the pet and I will tell its human owner’s character and nature!” .

Dec 22, 2009Judging Character of People
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA) It was Ghandi who once opined: “…You can judge a nation and its morals by the way its animals are treated…”Thankfully, there appear to be more people than not who respect animals and care for their welfare. We are the caretakers of this world we live in. What we do, think and say about all things, including animal rights, will define us to future generations and may very well determine our future existence.Anyone who doesn’t believe that only need to go to the Discovery channel or website and research the series of what would happen to earth if humans just disappeared. It was fascinating.

Dec 22, 2009Feral cats
by: Lisa (UK) I have no story..but it seems where there are feral cats there is somebody who will take pity on them and feed them. I am so glad the world still has people like that. They say you can tell a good or bad person by the way they treat animals, and that I believe.

Dec 22, 2009Poetry for our outcasts
by: Jan Plant

This is amazing.Gave me chill bumps to go with the tears.Sad and endearing.Thank you.And God Bless.

Dec 22, 2009Poetry
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA) That poem brought tears to my eyes. Just this morning on the local news, someone had thrown 2 kittens in an outdoor charity bin for used clothes! If it hadn’t been for the fact that the charity emptied the bin the same day (they check it every 3 days), the kittens would’ve frozen to death. As it was, they were emaciated. Thankfully, they were taken in to a shelter to be cared for and will end up going for adoption.What are people thinking? Thankfully, people like you are governed by your heart and express it beautifully in your poetry. Thank you so very much!

Dec 22, 2009Me Too…..
by: Dorothy So glad you are around too. Woeful words, with a happy ending. So many don’t have a happy ending, I know. But we can keep trying. What a beautiful no longer homeless cat.

Dec 22, 2009I am glad you are around
by: Michael Hi, it is great to have you around adding some classy poetry to the site. I love your contributions. Please stick around. Your poem expresses our thoughts.

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  • I have 3 lovely rescues: Tequila Summer, Spooky and Honey Bunny, the Hairball From Hell.

    Here's a little poem for you:

    By Jean Bush

    Starving little beggar cat,
    So thin and full of woe,
    Sitting with your tail wrapped feet
    Not flinching from your blows.

    You sit there so patiently
    Waiting for some food,
    At last I sigh and just give in
    So you won’t think I’m rude.

    Do not assume you’ve gotten me
    As I pat your scrawny head,
    Do not think you’re gonna sleep
    With your fleas upon my bed.

    Your belly’s full, your ears were scratched
    Yet somehow I think you know,
    The door is cracked… you stop…look back
    Then on your way you go.

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