Stray Cat with a Big Heart on His Chest Has a Big Heart inside His Chest As Well

This is the story of a big-hearted stray cat. He had no human caretaker. He had no microchip. He was starving. He was noticed by estate agents outside their office in Rochester Kent, UK. He was asking to be fed. He persisted.

Big-hearted cat, Tommy Tucker
Big-hearted cat, Tommy Tucker
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His appearance and his behaviour caught the eye of the estate agents and they fed him. As expected he returned the next day and every day for is dinner.

As trust built up between the people in the office and this big-hearted cat they contacted a local rescue centre, Animals Lost and Found. They visited the office and found that he did not have a microchip.

They decided that he was too small and too vulnerable to be left outside on the streets on his own. I would hope that they would do the same for any cat but I suppose that his appearance and his size and persistence paid off and he was placed with a Kent animal rescue charity called Anim-Mates.

He was cleaned up and treated for fleas and then placed in a new foster home managed by Bobbie Bajwa. Bobbie said:

“After a week in our care his stomach settled and he put on weight. This little boy is extremely affectionate and gentle and could be a perfect family pet. We think he is only about six months old. He loves being picked up and cuddled. He purrs non-stop.”

He’s been named Tommy Tucker and has been rehomed to a local family. All attempts to find his owner were unsuccessful.

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  1. there always seems to b something special about cats with a heart in their fur. Pepper is no different. hes so affectionate. he climbs into Jens arms wanting to b held & petted & he nuzzles her constantly when she holds him. i wish i had a good pic of it. when i find 1 ill post it again, but hes a special kind of kitty.


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