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Stray cats in China may have influenza viruses from other species in them — 5 Comments

  1. The nature of a virus is to mutate in order to spread itself far and wide by using as many hosts as possible. It was invevitable I guess that some strains of avian ‘flu would infect cats and dogs, just as they have already infected some humans.

    Michael, I agree that honesty and transparency is always best. We would do ourselves and cats a disservice, if we were to attempt to conceal any information which might reflect badly on them. I just hope that the purpose of this research is to help protect both animals and humans against avian ‘flu. I would hate to think there might be a hidden agenda simply to rid those areas of stray and feral cats.

    • Thanks Michele. I am pleased you support my ethos in writing this blog. It is not commercial in the conventional sense. It is about the truth and through the truth to improve cat welfare. Most cat websites focus on entertainment and they do better for it. I find that a bit sad to be honest. Entertainment is fine but let’s get cat welfare right first.

      • Michael, for me the beauty of PoC is that it’s rather like an ever-evolving encyclopedia for cat lovers.

        I think you have a good balance of the lighter and darker sides of cat welfare.

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