Stray dog carries dead cat from road. Why?

Taipei, Taiwan: A stray dog has a dead cat in his teeth and he’s crossing a road and taking the cat away. He was filmed. The filmmaker, Woo Yafang, 22, believes that the dog deliberately picked up the dead cat to try and protect him/her from being eaten by feral dogs.

She believes this because the dog carried the cat for a long time. She thought the dog might eat the cat himself but he just carried the cat and occasionally rested. Once when he stopped he urinated around the cat. That seems to be a territory marking behaviour to protect prey.

However, Woo followed the dog and after a while he dropped the cat at her feet. She says that the dog appeared to be relieved that someone was around to take care of the cat. The dog then left.

It’s seems that the dog had a relationship with this cat and became emotionally distressed when she/he was hit by a vehicle and killed. It seems he wanted to protect the cat but was not sure how and relied on a human to do it.

The only alternative is that the dog wanted to keep the carcass as food but he never tried to eat the cat.

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