Stray dog found cuddling five abandoned kittens in the snow in Canada

A stray dog, who has been named Serenity by the rescue centre where she now resides, was found cuddling newborn kittens who had been abandoned in the snow on a freezing cold night in Canada reports the Daily Mail via Facebook and Fox29.

Stray dog keeps abandoned kittens warm in cold Canadian winter weather. Picture: Facebook.

The passerby who spotted them alerted the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter in Chatham-Kent, Ontario who quickly came to the scene to rescue them.

They warmed them all up and decided to name the dog Serenity. At the shelter, Serenity continued to keep her “babies” safe overnight. As expected, Serenity has become a celebrity and received many adoption requests since her story when viral on Facebook, the social media site on which Pet and Wildlife Rescue have a page.

Stray dog keeps abandoned kittens warm in cold Canadian winter weather. Picture: Facebook.

Serenity is about two years of age. She will be sprayed on December 3 and thereafter be ready for a new home. The kittens are too young to be adopted and are currently being fostered. They have received and will continue to receive the usual treatment for flea and worm infestations together with vaccinations.

Apparently, it’s been decided that Serenity will not be adopted with the kittens. It is an interesting thought to consider that she could be adopted with one, two or all of the kittens and all of them going to the same home. I can’t see why that should not be a possibility as long as the right home can be found. Apparently some commenters have complained that they are being split up.

It appears that the reason for splitting them is because it’ll be a couple of months before the kittens are ready for adoption and the shelter does not want to put a block on Serenity being adopted as soon as possible. You can decide if that is a good reason or not. Being a bit sentimental, I’d prefer that they are kept together as they are a ready made companion animal family and a very special one. In the right home they’d be an instant success.


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