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  1. Hello, I’m email you because a feral cat showed up and is right now living under the porch.the cat has some problems with walking and a broken tail. I’m afraid she would be put to sleep in a shelter. With some work would be a good cat. I have two of my own and recent my neighbor I took in his feral that when he died they just left to fend on its own. I have to do something soon as my landlord does not allow this many cats. Please help in any way. Connie. I would make a donation to help out until he could be helped. Connie

    • Hi Connie. Where do you live? Is it Eugene, Oregon? This page does not connect directly with a feral cat rescue organization I am sorry to say so your message will not be picked up by a rescue organization.

      If you tell which town/city you live in I may be able to point you in the right direction.

  2. cat on center strip just outside Eugene looked like he had a dark head and white on his body….maybe dark grey/white or black and white. He’s not that far north from Eugene I have hope for a rescue as he has stayed in the same place for 6 days. Please someone help…..I would be more than glad to reimburse gas to drive there.

    • Sue, look in your Yellow Pages under “animals” and start calling shelters. As a last resort, you can try calling the fire department to see if they will help before he gets killed in the road.

      I don’t think I understand why you couldn’t stop your car. Pull into the center lane and put on yout flashers.

      • Thanks Dee. I don’t know how busy this road is but at some stage it should be possible to stop the car and grab the cat. Anyway I would have thought that if Sue can’t do that neither can Tasha.

  3. Tasha………I am from Klamath Falls or. On tues I rode up to salem. Just outside Eugene, just past the mess of bridges and over passes and beltline rd there was a cat sitting in the narrow divider on the hwy 5. I came back yesterday and the cat was still standing upright looking at the traffic. It seemed that he sat facing the north side and then went under the wire and looked at the traffic going south to Eugene. I could not stop either way and have been trying to find someone to help him. I am not good at judging miles and should of gotten the nearest marker number. But, he’s not more than 15/20 miles north of Eugene. In a very narrow center strip with the low wire and posts. I can’t believe that he has been stuck there for 6 days. Can you help? Do you know of someone who can help. You really have to watch that center strip to see him. Both times he was almost sitting straight up watching the traffic. I have done this type of rescue before, but other people were driving. He was just before one of those center dividers that the State Police use to turn around. Please let me know if you can help.

    • Hi Sue. I own the site. You show great concern which I love. I feel very anxious about this cat. I can’t help because I live in Europe. The chances of someone visiting this site and living near this cat are slim sadly and the post on this page was written some time ago I am afraid. I don’t understand why he is stuck in what we call the “central reservation”. At night it must be relatively quiet. He could cross then.

  4. I have been feeding 5 feral cats that were starving when I moved into my apt. I have a cat an a dog. Last winter here was brutal. I would like to find a place in Lynchburg, VA that would take them before the cold sets in. They are really sweet. The city did come and spay and vaccinate them last year. I am the only one feeding them and it is getting expensive. Can you offer any suggestions please? Thank you.

        • Theresa, if you are in the US, I suggest that you cook or make about a cup of oatmeal or rice every day, cool it, and mix it in with your wet food. It is nutritious and will stretch your food. You can also layer a bit of dry food over it.

          Outdoor sheltering is pretty easy to do. Follow what Michael has written about them. Big storage containers are cheapest at Walmart or Target. Shredded newspaper and stray (not hay because it is food and draws bugs) are the warmest to put on the bottom if you can’t afford outdoor heating pads (which are available on Amazon).

      • Michael, I hope you can give Theresa some direction. It’s hard to home ferals. In the interim, she may be able to create shelter for them and cut feeding costs with some nutritional “shortcuts” like adding oats and/or rice to stretch her wet cat food. Oats and rice are VERY cheap here and very good for cats.
        I think there is an article by you here about how to make cheap, homemade shelters.

    • Hi Theresa, sorry for the delay in responding. I get too busy on other things.

      I think it will be all but impossible for me to find a shelter where feral cats will be homed. The barriers to that goal are too high.

      Inline with TNR programs feral cats are best left where they are. However, the cold makes leaving them where they are dangerous. And I feel bad about that.

      I can only suggest something rather feeble: building a winter shelter and feeding economically.

      There are two pages on feral cat shelters:



      Are there any other people in the vicinity who do TNR? Can they help?

      Could a relocation to a farm environment be managed? What I mean is make them into barn cats. Some farmers take on feral cats although relocation does present problems.

      Sorry that this is rather feeble. Feral cats as you know are treated as third class citizens. It is difficult to get support for them.

  5. I have been looking for someone to help with the strays in my area I have adopted 2 cats plus one from before there are so many that need help and if I could I would help all I want to cry there are more cats and babies than I know what to do I have been searching things I can do but all tell me the same thing they can not help in Springfield Oregon area we have 2 month old kitties no home the neighbors all help trying to feed there is only so much we can do any advice will help and thanks for all you do!!

  6. Tasha.I have to give up rescuing asap due to a heart issue.I have 3 kittens and 2 moms that need some where to go asap.Kittens are 14 weeks male and 2 -9 week kittens male and female.I have applied to spayship for vouchers but have not heard back yet.Tasha all this with my heart has us broke so I can not take care of them.Pleas help.

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