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Stray feral cat with growth on bottom

Stray feral cat with growth on bottom

He has been coming round my house for the past year and last week I can see he has a growth on his bottom. I cannot touch him or pick him up but I am concerned about this growth.

I think he may be a local cat as he is never hungry, just comes for milk to my house, but I dare not pick him up.

Hi.. thanks for the post. It is obviously difficult to say what this growth is. A “swelling” would indicate an abscess, perhaps of the anal sac (gland).

A “growth” would indicate a cancer or polyp. These are “grape like growths”1 protruding from the anus.

It may be anal a rectal prolapse. This is when the lining of the anal canal is forced to the outside.

Obviously treatment is needed which you agree but you are naturally cautious about handling him.

You say that you cannot pick him up meaning that he is unsocialised or frightened of people. But you say “he is never hungry”. It appears that you believe he is a stray or time share cat and not a feral cat.

You might steel yourself and see if he will approach you when giving him food and let him sniff you hand (the back of the hand is safest). Done cautiously, slowly, and gently with a gentle voice of encouragement you will tell quickly if he is scared of you or whether he feels comfortable with people.

If he is socialised and comfortable around you he will sniff your hand and possibly rub against you. At that point you might very gently try and see if you can pick him up.

The whole process is “gently exploratory” to see what state of mind he has without getting yourself scratched. If he did try and scratch you it would be defensive. The answer is not to make him feel that he has to defend himself, so gently and slowly is the key to see his reaction.

At least this way you will confirm whether he can be picked up and then taken to a vet if that was your intention.

Good luck


1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook page 287.

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