Stray Scottish Fold?

by Millie
(Lakeside CA USA)

I moved in with my son and his family about a year and six months ago. They have a neutered male cat, named Li’l Boy, who is a small grey/black striped cat with normal features and lives both indoor and outdoor.

There is a “stray” that started coming around and my son began feeding him or her. At first no one could get close but as time went on the cat became friendlier.

One day I was able to touch it’s fur and since then it has allowed both my son and I to touch. That was when I first noticed this cat has folded ears.

Then I noticed if the stray was around, our sweet male cat would call out a menacing, “now, now, now, etc.”.

If the stray comes by when Li’l Boy is not there it calls out a loud meow to get my attention if the food plate is empty.

The stray is sort of striped, with fluffy medium length hair and has short legs. I am very interested in those ears and would like to get a closer look to see if it’s a male or female.

We are thinking that their attitudes indicate that they are both males. Also neither cats mark their territory. So far I have been unable to snap a picture of this unusual looking cat.


Hi Millie… thanks for visiting and sharing. It looks like you have met a stray Scottish Fold. These are normally purebred cats but your stray cat with folded ears might just as well be a stray cat that carries the genetic mutation that causes the ear flap cartilage to fold down rather then stick up.

The purebred Scottish Fold originates from Scotland UK but there is no reason why there cannot be non-purebred cats walking around the USA that have folded ears because they have the same genetic mutation.

Alternatively, he or she may be purebred. You can normally tell by the degree of refinement in the appearance of the cat. Purebred cats have been selectively bred so look like that. They have nice coat patterns etc.

If you have a picture, please upload it using the same form and I will add it to this page.



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Stray Scottish Fold?

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Dec 28, 2011
I am unable to send the pic of my stray
by: Millie

Michael, I apparently do not know how to send a great pic my son took of our stray Scottish Fold. Everything I tried has failed so far. I was told I am not entering the email address correctly by the postal service. I can probably get one of my teenage grand-daughters to do it better when they get home. If you have any advice please contact me at Thank you.

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