Street cats in coronavirus social distancing queue

Cats in social distancing queue
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Cats in social distancing queue. Credit: MEHMET ASLAN/COMEDY PET PHOTO AWARDS 2020.

This is a cuteness overload cat picture. I am not told where it was taken but I believe that it is Turkey because the photographer is Turkish judging by his name and one of the shops has “Turki…” on it. The photographer captured a really cute cat photograph. Turkey is one of the ancient cat countries and they generally have a nice relationship with cats but there are too many street cats. The Turkish Angora and Van cats are street cats too! They are the genuine ones.


Lion cub in Masai Mara squares up to remotely operated camera

Picture of a lion cub snarling at a remotely operated camera

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Cute Scottish Fold kitten

Pictures of cats: cutest Scottish Fold kitten

She looks like a brown tabby-and-white. Super cute owl-like face. Ears flat to the head. Big 'M' tabby mark on ...
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Millie the princess - a very cute kitten on her owner's shoulders

Millie my princess – cute kitten picture

This is a photo of Millie when she was a kitten. That's all I know. Oh, and that it is ...
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Young French girl showing off her cat 1959

1959 France: young girl holds her cat

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Cat and dog picture

Two nice cat and dog pics

Here are two really nice cat and dog pics by Warren Photographic. The photographer is David Taylor who has given ...
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Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow

Black-and-white dwarf cat becomes an Instagram star

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Dog loves cat and it is reciprocated

Dog puts arm around the cat he loves (video)

I have boldly used the words 'love' and 'arm' in the context of a close friendship between cat and dog ...
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Backseat driver cat

Backseat Driver Cat

Backseat Driver Cat.... Explanation from the photographer: "I brought my cat home from the vet in a cardboard carrier. He ...
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