Streetwise cat reunited with family after being found trapped in an abandoned house

Holmes is a St. Annes cat who likes to go on ‘adventures.’ His latest adventure just before Christmas landed the streetwise cat trapped inside a nearby abandoned house.

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Owner Simon Prestwich, his wife Elektra and their children had accepted their cat was gone and were surprised when they saw Holmes on the Blackpool Gazette’s website after he was rescued from a disused house.

In an interview with Blackpool Gazette, Simon describes the joy of sharing the good news with his family.

 “I was shocked, I suppose. I just couldn’t believe it, but I could immediately tell it was him. He has a little bit missing from one of his ears because he used to be a stray. We told the children and they were eager to get him home. We’re quite lucky. He’s very pleased to be home and very hungry, but because he’s not eaten for such a long time his stomach has shrunk, so he’s on half-sachets at the moment, which he’s very disgruntled about.”

If not for Preston electrician Alex Bolton who had been sent to clean out the Church Street property, Holmes may never have been found. Alex kept finding cat feces inside the property and contacted Homeward Bound (a local pet rescue). The rescue took Holmes into their care and began the search for an owner.

The Prestwich family adopted Holmes four years ago. They’ve since had him microchipped to avoid getting lost in the future. It’s amazing Holmes was reunited with his family. Ninety percent of cats without a microchip never find their way home.

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