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Stress Relieving Cat Therapeutic Massage Works (It worked for a Hedgehog) — 11 Comments

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  2. My poor 17 y/o dog, Hobbes, suffered terribly from arthritis. I made attempts to lightly massage his back and hips, but it was too painful for him. That’s when I employed therapeutic touch in which contact isn’t made. It really helped soothe him a lot and he would fall asleep for a while.
    I think that it worked so well because I am one of those sort of odd people who, actually, have hot hands in particular and emit heat that can be felt even 6 – 8 inches away. I’m, really, a hot water bottle. Sometimes, even just lying close to him would make him start sighing and falling asleep.

    • Interesting Dee, that your hands are hot. I remember a famous spiritualist (my girlfriend believes in spiritualism) who had hot hands and he professed to heal with them. I don’t believe in that sort of thing but his hands were hot.

  3. I tinker with massaging my cats all the time — probably just because I love touching/petting them. I massage their paws gently also — I always loved a foot massage after working all day, so I figured they would enjoy it after being on their paws too!When I massage them, I use a gentle circular motion which they truly seem to enjoy. Although I am no professional, I do believe my cats love the attention and being soothed as well as being loved from Mommy! Great post!! ♥♥♥

    • Me, too Diane. I am always massaging my cat in my way. It is not professional and it does not follow Dr Fogle but it does the same thing more or less. My cat loves it and me too. I think it is good to have plenty of gentle contact with your cat. It makes them more relaxed and confident with us. We are rather big to them. We need to reassure them. Also my cat retains his wild character from when he was a feral kitten so it’s nice to bond with him as closely as possible.

  4. Feline massage if done correctly is a very pleasant and relaxing experience for both the cat and the kitty’s guardian.

    But just like anything that has to do with felines, it must be introduced slowly. I massage our kitties from time to time, and I can tell when they are enjoying it when they get that goofy facial expression and are totally relaxed.

    Thanks for an excellent article, Michael !!! Another tool to put in our feline toolbox!

    • Thanks Jo. As I said to Diane, I am always feely touchy with Gabriel. It is a form of massage – my version. It does the same thing. Relaxes him and me and brings us very close together. I love to give my love to him through touch.

  5. The procedure you outline is exactly how I learned to give a massage in my training as a physical therapist assistant. I found in practice to much more often be doing manual therapy to mobilize scar tissue or deep tissue work on really tight areas than to be giving a relaxing massage to anyone. But I think I could recall how to do it and apply the techniques to Monty. I just don’t think he’d sit still long enough for it. He is a busy cat with things to do.

    He does like when my husband pets him both ways, roughing up his fur. He purrs the loudest during that vigorous petting from my husband and will tolerate it for quite a long time. He enjoys that stimulation, I guess, plus attention from my husband means more since Monty perceives him as the alpha cat. I think Monty would question a massage from me. “Why aren’t you feeding me? Scooping my poop? Opening the door for me? Getting me fresh water?” I have specific duties. Petting him is not one of them, though if he is hungry he will tolerate some attention from me.

    The cat in the first video above seems to be smiling. Someone says he opened his eyes and was cross eyed he was so relaxed. Massage could make a laid back cat even more laid back, but I don’t think every cat will be interested. Some, like my Monty, are just busy cats with things to do.

    • Ruth, I like your assessment of how Monty relates to you and your husband – interesting. I employ my version of cat massage with Gabriel. I catch him when he is sleepy and he loves it. I love it as much. It is a great way to improve the relationship never mind the finer points of improving blood circulation etc..

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