Stressed female cat with autoimmune condition urgently needs new home

Perth, Australia: Raffikki is a female cat who is currently living with lots of other cats and a puppy which is stressing her out and she is not coping well. She needs a new home and Perth Rescue Angels are looking for a special foster carer as a matter of urgency.

Alternatively the person can adopt but she needs a home where there are no pets or children or perhaps a laid-back cat or dog.

Raffikki suffers from an autoimmune problem which affects her nose as you can see in the photograph.

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I’ve seen this health problem before in domestic cats. The well-known condition Bengal Nose is also caused, it is believed, by an autoimmune problem.

Perth Rescue Angels is a not-for-profit located in Western Australia and you can find the details by clicking on this link.

She is very beautiful cat with a wonderful tail. Her autoimmune disease means that her human guardian will need to apply a topical treatment every day to keep the condition under control. The coat also requires brushing (gently, because she doesn’t always like it).

She’s got a very nice personality, enjoys the company of people and receives affection willingly.

P.S. I wonder if the autoimmune problem is linked to the stress? A study on human health found a potential link between stress and autoimmune disease.

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