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Stud Pants

Before I became part of the cat fancy (I sort of arrived by default), I had no idea what stud pants were. I suppose it is common sense now when I think about it. And it’s all about cat breeding.

Cat breeders sometimes keep their cats in outside enclosures. Jean Mill the famous Bengal breed founder did this for example. I don’t know the percentage of breeders who do.

Stud pants are like human underpants, with a hole for the tail! Because stud boys like to spray urine and it’s natural and totally normal but a little difficult for the human companion unless you’ve got glazed concrete flooring and tiled walls throughout the home (and no furniture).

I guess they are made from one size fits all stretch material. Or try making them yourself from baby-diapers (nappies in the UK). Just cut a hole in them for the tail. It probably takes time for the boy to get used to them particularly if he is walking around in diapers. How can he be a top cat? The embarrassment!

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Michael Broad

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