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If you want assistance in writing an essay on any topic concerning wild cats, I can help.

Southern African wildcat
Southern African wildcat. Photo by hyper7pro on Flickr.
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It appears that students visit this site looking for information on all topics to do with wild cats that allows them to write essays.

Teachers are giving students quite tricky topics to discuss.

I write about the wild cat but I don’t always do it with students in mind. I just write for the general public. Sometimes the articles might be too complicated for students of certain grades at school. Or they might not be tailored to the student’s needs.

If a student wants me to build a page on any topic to do with cats, please leave a comment.

I will build the page within 24 hours. You can then use it as background information for your essay or simply copy it. But I would not advocate copying as it takes away the need to work and think and that is what school is about.

The sort of topics that seem to come up are wild cat food chains, what wildcats eat and where wildcat live etc.

There is a continual conflict between people and wildcats because the larger wildcats live in high human population and growing population areas such as Africa, Asia and South America. Europe has largely killed off wildcats years ago!

I am sure that one the topics will be conservation and how to resolve the competing objectives of the wild cats and humans.

People are yet to figure out how to successfully live with the wildcats on this planet.

Update: there are now quite a few essays on wild cats on this website. Please click here.

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