Student murdered a well-known cat so he could feel better he said

They say that gross animal cruelty is a precursor to violence against people. I think it applies very strongly in this instance. A 24-year-old student from Macau living in Taipei, Taiwan brutally killed a tabby cat belonging to a vegetarian restaurant owner because he said that he was in a bad mood. He wanted to feel better and killing a cat would achieve this. If that isn’t a precursor to further violence I don’t know what is. In fact the student, Chan Ho-Yeung admits that he has a psychological problem:

Chan a cat killer attacked by mob
Chan a cat killer attacked by mob
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“I have a psychological problem and I could not control the compulsion to kill a cat.” These are Chan’s words to the judge when he was hauled before the courts on a charge of animal cruelty under Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act.

Chan attacked by angry protestors outside court
Chan attacked by angry protestors outside court

Chan faces a year behind bars for the violent murder of this cat who was a well-known to residents around the university. He also faces a £25,000 fine.

Residents heard about the charge and attended outside the court where the angry crowd animal of rights activists and protesters attacked him as you can see from the photographs.

Chan attacked and killed this cat
Chan attacked and killed this cat owned by a local restauranteur.

Chan said that he stole the cat from the restaurant and then beat him to death. He then dumped the cat’s carcass in a nearby river.

It transpired that he felt in a bad mood because he was upset at being charged earlier in 2016 for the killing of another cat whose name was Big Orange – a ginger tabby and white (see photo). Big Orange was killed by Chan last December and was also a very well-known cat to local residents.

Chan attacked by angry protestors outside court
Chan attacked by angry protestors outside court and Big Orange (inset)

When he saw Big Orange passing by he couldn’t restrain himself from killing him. It has been suggested by other residents that Chan is a serial cat killer having killed four cats at least in total.

Residents are urging politicians to tighten up the animal cruelty laws. They want a five-year jail sentence for extreme animal cruelty. Correctly, animal-rights activists believe that Chan may harm more animals when he is released from prison. Chan has begged for forgiveness so he is showing remorse but judging by his previous behaviour I am certain that he cannot be trusted and never will be.


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12 thoughts on “Student murdered a well-known cat so he could feel better he said”

  1. as angry as i am about what this “person” did i CANT justify killing HIM over it. he NEEDS to be locked up for at least 10-15 years in a serious penitentiary so that HE will have to put up with people being “mean” to him on a daily basis so the inmates can “feel better” too. he also needs some serious counseling ESPECIALLY if he has stated that he “couldnt help it” & was “driven” to do what he did.
    i TOTALLY understand how people feel about what he did, & how unconscionable it was/is. BUT to turn around & be violent with HIM over it kinda makes them no better than THAT jerk. im sure the need to feel some sense of “justice” in this case drove them to do what they did, but in the end it wasnt justice. it was revenge, & revenge never truly “helps” anyone in the end all it does is justify more violence. none of what those people did, nor what they(or others)WANT to do to this guy will ever bring those cats back to life. the thing that WILL make a difference is to lobby, write laws, & push for there to be harsher sentences for THIS kind of thing, cuz if the guy ALREADY got convicted for doing the SAME THING a year prior AND has done it other times then the REAL criminals, the ones that TRULY deserve the crowds ire, are the ones that GAVE HIM SUCH SMALL PENALTIES EVERY TIME! the TRUE fault lies with the laws & te enforcement of those laws.
    true, jerks like THIS “guy” break them, BUT if the penalties were harsher things like that MIGHT not keep happening. repeat offenders like HIM would be in jail so they COULDNT do it again, & would be facing “jailhouse justice” which tends to be an ongoing punishment from fellow inmates over said issue(s). THE LAW FAILED IN THIS ONE. this “person” is just the symptom. if the law had done ITS job he would NEVER have been able to do THIS.
    sorry if i have/am saying all this wrong. and if my saying beating this guy up, & worse, is NOT an acceptable solution in any civilized society & doing so is “wrong”, TO ME, offends you guys then i apologize. BUT TO ME harming this “person” kinda takes us back to a “mob rules” &/or a “might makes right” mentality. in MY EYES thats pretty much what this “person” did & how HE acted. thinking HIS life & needs mattered more than the cats did cuz it was weaker made it “ok” TO HIM to do what he did cuz he was bigger, stronger, & therefore more important. thats kinda what WE would be doing if/when we beat on this guy for what he did cuz then OUR needs matter more than HIS. since more of us feel “justified” in hurting him as a means of retribution we are “bigger” & that gives us the “right” to hurt him(or people like him), etc. thats why laws were made, to stop THIS thinking BEFORE it gets out of hand. thats why our response SHOULD be to make the laws tougher & hold our lawmakers responsible when those laws fail & things like THIS happen. i know this didnt happen in America or Europe, BUT if OUR laws were more stringent it COULD, & probably would, set an example for other governments to follow in this regard so things like THIS wouldnt happen as often as they do. its up to us though to do the right thing by bothering our LAWMAKERS & POLICY-makers until comprehensive changes get made & people are truly held accountable. ok, i will stop now 🙂


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