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Students Dancing With Dead Cats. — 10 Comments

  1. And, they think that people will feel so much better because they have decided to slice, dice, and dance with some other species???
    Animal lovers and advocates are animal lovers and advocates of all species.

  2. Update: the school trying to find an alternative anatomy class and are thinking of dissecting another animal in the future! Sounds pretty vague to me. The teacher has been disciplined, the school head said.

  3. I just love those comedy shows in the UK where they dance around with an uncooked dead turkey on their heads or they shove their hands up a chicken and make it dance around on the dinner table or kitchen counter.

    And oh how those UK audiences just LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH!!


    The most famous of all, that Monty Python skit about the “Ex Norwegian-Blue Parrot” that the buyer repeatedly slams down against the pet-store counter to prove to the pet-store owner that that parrot really is dead!


    Now, be good little holier-than-though bloody-pompous UK hypocrites, and go crawl back under your slimy rocks from whence you were spawned.

  4. Dancing with dead animals of any kind is yet another commentary on how far we’ve come (or gone). Did any of these kids resist participating, or was it a “group think” situation in which there’s fear of standing apart from the crowd?

    I think that Harvey’s comment makes sense: “The students will learn that an animal’s death is something to mock and thus killing an animal is no big thing.”

    It reminds me of the story of the vet, who, while doing a “de-clawing” threw the claws at the assistant.

    There may be some of this kind of thing that goes on in medical school classes with human body parts from those who’ve donated their bodies to science.

    Lots of things go on behind closed doors that we know nothing about, and might be shocked to discover. As I was when I learned that dead and diseased cats and dogs along with other decayed animals are a common ingredient in pet food.

    I was under the naive impression that shelters incinerated euthanized animals. Not when there’s money to be made by selling them to make pet food!

  5. The point is not that they are dead and feel nothing or that they will be used for anatomy lessons but that that these cat’s bodies are being humiliated and trivialized. The students will learn that an animal’s death is something to mock and thus killing an animal is no big thing. On the part of the teacher or organizer of this spectacle I would say suspicions of necrophilia and necromancia arise, but they may be just silly twerps.
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